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Cemetery index gives birth year as 1750. Identifies her as wife of Constant (nee Soper). 
Soper, Silence (I163)
Gravestone record: Keeler, Jane Eliza, b. Jun 10 1825, d. Mar 26 1846. From:
Orsborn (Osborn), Jane Eliza (I498)
3 A bachelor who worked as a farm hand for his brother, Joseph Sidney Ottman, Jacob Laomi (I172)
4 Levi Green is listed in Appendix IX the Names of Revolutionary Soldiers of the "History of Lanesborough, Massachusetts" (p 108). Mary Shaw Green relates his history as a reovlutionary soldier.


Listed in the Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.2, p. Serial: 11999; Volume: 8

The following from: Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, 17 Vols. [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 1998. Original data: Secretary of the Commonwealth. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution. Vol. I-XVII. Boston, MA, USA: Wright and Potter Printing Co., 1896.

Volume 6, page 824
Green, Levi, Lanesborough. Private, Capt. Ebenezer Newell's co., Col. Symonds's regt.; service, 21 days; company marched from Lanesborough to Manchester July 9, 1777, on an alarm; also, Drummer, Capt. Daniel Brown's co., service, 6 days; company marched from Lanesborough to Meloomscuyck Aug. 14, 1777, on an alarm; certificate on reverse of roll states that Daniel Brown and company were in service 27 days and were then dismissed by Col. Benjamin Simonds; also, Capt. Daniel Brown's co., Col. Simonds's regt.; service, 6 days; company marched on the alarm at Berkshire of Oct. 13, 1780; also, return of men raised to serve in the Continental Army from Capt. Daniel Brown's (Lanesborough) co. [year not given]; residence, Lanesborough; engaged for town of Lanesborough; term, during war. 
Greene, Levi (I388)
5 "David W. Tower & Sally his wife who reside at Watertown Jefferson County" were named in the heirs and next of kin section of Solomon Knapp's probate papers (see transcript of will below). Tower, David Wells (I2158)
6 "David W. Tower & Sally his wife who reside at Watertown Jefferson County" were named in the heirs and next of kin section of Solomon Knapp's probate papers (see transcript of will below). Holbrook, Sarah Mills (I2157)
7 "enlisted in the [Civil] war, d. at hospital, Elmira, N. Y." Brewer, Israel H. (I490)
8 "He went to Hillsdale, New York, during the war of 1812, and traveled on into Canada,crossing at Detroit, finally settled near Niagara Falls, Canada" Morse, Moses (I1346)
9 "Hugh Calkins was a radical, in religion a non-conformist, and living in the troublous times of Charles, the First, soon became satisfied that there were safer countires than England and Wales— for men who wished to worship God according to the dicatates of their own consciences. Accordingly, he with his wife, Ann, and John, their son, then four years old, joined a body of emigrants called the 'Welch Conspany,' and with their pastor, Rev. Richard Blinman, embarked and came to America, about 1638 or 1640. They settled first at Green's Harbor (now Marshfield) in New Plymouth colony, but religious dissentions arising, Mr. Blinman, Hugh Calkins and others removed to Gloucester. Hugh Calkins became one of the first board of selectmen, and in 1650 was chosen deputy to the general court of Massachusetts Bay colony. He was chosen again in 1651, but for some reason he and others removed in that year to Connecticut colony, some say to Saybrook, but he could not have remained there long, as he was soon in New London. The Connecticut colonial records show that Hugh Calkins was deputy at the general court from New London, May 20 1652. In all, he served twelve times as deputy from New London. By order of the general court, held October 3, 1654, Hugh and another were appointed a committee for enlisting men to fight the Naragansett Indians. The records also show that he was a deputy magistrate. In 1660 he again changed his residence to the place where the city of Norwich now stands, then a wilderness and owned by the Mohegan Indians. Just previously a treaty had been concluded, by and between the celebrated major Mason and others with the Mohegan chiefs, by which a tract of land nine miles square around Norwich was ceded to the whites, for the sum of seventy pounds sterling. Hugh and his son, John, were of the thirty-five original proprietors. Hugh appears in the colonial records as a deputy from Norwich to the general court, ten times. He was an active worker there in all measures for the public good; and also at home constantly identified with public interests. He was a deacon in the first churcth built in Norwich."42

Freeman 27 Dec 1642 in Gloucester, selectman 1643-48, rep. 1650-52. In New London, selectman, rep., and town clerk. In Norwich, first deacon, rep.2

Hugh was a Welchman who came to this country about 1640, stopped at Marshfield for a short season, then removed to Lynn, Mass., thence to New London about 1652, and finally to Norwich, Conn., about 1659.43

(Copied from Pane-Joyce we page headed Calkins family (70). 
Calkins, Dea. Hugh (I202)
10 "in his 69th year".  Mills, Pelatiah (I2063)
11 "Know all men by these presents that I Elijah D. Phelps of the Town of Lafayette in the County of Onandaga and State of New York . . . appoint Edmund D. Phelps of the Town of Grand Marsh Adams County Wisconsin my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name place and stead to take charge, sue for and recover all damages or trespass in cutting timber or otherwise injuring [?] the premises of the said Elijah D. Phelps situate in the Town of Grand Marsh Adams County Wisconsin giving and granting to my said Attorney full power and authority to do and perform all and every act and thing whatsoever required to be done . . . Signed Elijah D. Phelps, 7 Nov 1855, State of New York Onandaga County.  Phelps, Elijah D. (I183)
12 "Solomon Holbroke whose place of residence is Oak Point St. Lawrence County" was named in the heirs and next of kin section of Solomon Knapp's probate papers (see transcript of will below).  Holbrook, Solomon K. (Knapp) (I2156)
13 "the Otterness family accompanied by Berthe , sailed on the ship Kong Sverre, then travelled the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes route to Chicago One yer later Ole and Berthe were married and settled in Otsego Township . . . " Otterness, Ole Olson (I359)
14 (Medical):Although the offical cause of death was dementia, Ruth Martin told me she contracted pneumonia while living at Sholom Home East in St. Paul. Joeckel, Mary (I80)
15 (Medical):Aspirated a piece of meat on 17 Aug 1984 and died 20 Aug. Martin, Kenneth Tanner (I78)
16 (Medical):Died 30 hours after stroke. Martin, Jira Kenneth (I19)
17 (Medical):Had dementia and Parkinson's disease. Wilson, Helen Annette (I96)
18 (Medical):John was hospitalized for many years in a long-term care facility, and his care was paid by the Veterans Administration. Tanner, John Oglevie (I159)
19 (Medical):Oscar Napoleon and Charles Lee Simmons died within days of each other. Did they die of an infectious disease such as diphtheria? Simmons, Oscar Napoleon (I476)
20 (Medical):Oscar Napoleon and Charles Lee Simmons died within days of each other. Did they die of an infectious disease such as diphtheria? Simmons, Charles Lee (I477)
21 (Medical):See attached sources. Tanner, Lottie Lee (I20)
22 (Research needed):
War of 1812 service records. Corporal in 16 REG'T (STRANAHAN'S), NEW YORK MILITIA.

Mina Morse from Halfmoon is listed as a cavalry officer in 1832, Is this Miner Morse? 
Morse, Miner (I571)
23 (Research)
Other possible sources:
Record of births, marriages, etc. of Canton. Ed. by Frederic Endicott. Canton, Ms, 1896. (317p.):11, 12, 68, 79, 82, 101 Genealogical hist. Of the des. Of Steph. And Ursula Streeter of Gloucester, Ms. 1642. By Milford B. Streeter. Salem, Ms. 1896. (27, 323p.)
Gen. Column of the " Boston Transcript". 1906-1941.( The greatest single source of material for gen. Data for the N.E. area and for the period 1600-1800. Completely indexed in the Index.): 12 May 1933, 7229

Cleaveland (Cleveland), Keziah (I573)
24 (Research) There was a Martha Eakins b abt 1841 who lived in Burford, Oxford, Ontario (search Canadian Census at Could she be our Martha Eakins? Both were Canadian, but the birth years do not match perfectly. Our Martha's birth year was 1844 in the 1900 US Census and about 1842 in the 1910 Census.  Eakins, Martha (I964)
25 (Research) Need to reconcile conflicting information from the "Hyde Genealogy" and "Calkins Family in America". Hyde Genealogy says that Ruth Tracy Calkins died in 1783 in Lebanon whereas Calkins says that Ruth Tracy Hyde died in 1773 in Norwich and Elijah remarried to Mercy (unknown).  Hyde, Elijah (I607)
26 (Research) Need to resolve differences in dates and places between the "Hyde Genealogy" and "Calkins Family in America". Tracey, Ruth (I608)
27 (Research) This Samuel Martin is a candidate to be the father of Samuel Martin (I27) (b. cir 1759) who married Silence Greene. This question could be settled by comparing Y-DNA evidence from descendants of Samuel (I27) with that of Samuel (I29) or his ancestors. Each DNA donor must also have well-documented genealogical evidence for his descendancy.  Martin, Capt. Samuel (I29)
28 (Research):
I have a tintype photo of a man, woman and child, and the tax stamp on the back is cancelled Sept 13 1864 Freeport Ill B.L. Pratt. Another copy of this photo is identified as "Aunt Augusta". However, G. C. Tanner's book says that Sarah Augusta died in 1852 in San Francisco.

The almost unreadable 1850 US Census for Wayne, Stephenson, Illinois includes the household of Augusta Hall (22), Mary (1), and John Tanner (19). This could be our Sarah Augusta Tanner Hall. Possibly George Hall had died or left. I have not identified the John Tanner age 19. It is possible that he is Sarah Augusta's father and his age was illegible or entered incorrectly.  
Tanner, Sarah Augusta (I206)
29 (Research): Children to be verified:
Jonathan Ransom (1750 - 1817)
Ebenezer Ransom
Ransom, Robert (I578)
30 (Research): Her birthplace is unclear. It is given as Massacusetts in the 1850 US Census and as Vermont in the Portrait and Biographical Album of Knox County, Illinois. Willard, Mary B. (I398)
31 (Research): Was this Maud's husband? Censuses from 1880 -1920 show an Augustus Latham living in Excelsior or Minneapolis, Minn. In 1880 he was 22, unmarried and a rustic chair maker. In 1900 and 1910 he was married to Ora L. who was his age. They appear to have had three sons. He was working in real estate. In 1920 he was married to Grace who was 41; he was 62.

In all the censuses he was listed as born in Massachusetts. One of Maud's papers said Augustus was born in Connecticut. 
Latham, Augustus Blair (I85)
32 (Research):Assume Benjamin is a son of Theodia Keene by a previous marriage Keene, Benjamin (I484)
33 (Research):Birthdate indicates Christina Schaeffer is his mother, not Christina Braun Ottman, Henricus (I651)
34 (Research):Constant and Silence probably moved to Bristol, NY about 1800. There were at least two Constant Simmons in Bristol at that time as shown by the following from the Town of Bristol History, History of Ontario Co, NY., Pub 1878, pg 238 - 241. (Transcribed by Dianne Thomas). Found at:

"Constant SIMMONS settled on lot 46, about 1803. His son, Henry P. SIMMONS is an owner not only of the original homestead but of considerable additional lands." [Not our Constant, as he had no son Henry.]

"Contant SIMMONS, cousin to him just mentioned, came to Bristol in about 1797, and located on lot 49, where at present day, John JOHNSON resides. He erected a log house, which in its day took precedence as the finest in town. A tavern was opened, and continued for several years. Father and children passed their lives in the town." [Son Jonathan moved to Ohio in1832].

Simmons, Constant Jr. (I162)
35 (Research):Copied from:
According to "Genealogies of Woodstock Families", Joseph Morse was born October 14, 1707 in Woodstock, CT. He was the son of Peter Morse and Priscilla Carpenter. He married (1) Kezia Cleveland and (2) Ruth Warren, widow of Orloff Williams.

Other records from
Joseph Morse of Athol, Mass, died 18 Spr 1777 (Mass town death records)
U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 showed Jospeph Morses b abt 1707 marrying Patience Peacock, Sarah Lewis (MA), Sarah Clark, Maria Bixby (MA), Experience Morse (MA), Mary Coker (MA), Joanna Godfree(MA) . 
Morse, Joseph (I572)
36 (Research):Cothren's "History of Ancient Woodbury" lists several Ann Hurds. Two were born at about the right time, but one died young and the other married Jonathan Smith in 1753. Another Ann (b 1706, married Wait Hinman) could not have had children as late as 1765. All other Ann Hurds were too young. Hurd, Ann (I30)
37 (Research):Did she marry a cousin? The Knapp relationships are unclear. Knapp, Lois (I561)
38 (Research):Died single. Brewer, Israel H. (I490)
39 (Research):Died single. Brewer, Jane Ann (I491)
40 (Research):Died single. Brewer, Abigail (I492)
41 (Research):Family records indicate she had one child. Married name unknown. Martin, Norma (I89)
42 (Research):Family records indicate that Blanche married John Russell and had a son John. Identified this John Russell as Blanche's son because his mother's maiden name in the death cert. index was Martin, he was the right age, and he died in Morrison County. Russell, John Kenneth (I160)
43 (Research):Francis - occupation: Clothier - Francis was a clothier by trade and left a sizeable estate. His will asked that he be buried in the parish churchyard of Titchfield. - Francis Littlefield listed 3 siblings (2 brothers and 1 sister) in his will. Littlefield, Francis (I277)
44 (Research):From Early Families of Schoharie County, New York Birth year 1782 in church record and 1781 in family bible. Ottman, George (I629)
45 (Research):Hannah's surname Osborne is in LFM's notes on the family history, and Maud Latham left a note saying that Hannah's sister was Selina Keeler, wife of Hyram Keeler who lived in Detroit (Hiram was actually her son.) This enabled me to locate Hannah's father, Isaac Orsborn.

In the 1900 US Census for Michigan, Wayne Co, Detroit ward 14, district 150: Selina Keeler b. June 1827 in New York. Her father was born in Maine and her mother in Connecticut. Selina is in the 1850 - 1880 censuses, but her husband was named Peter A. Keeler. Selina had a son named Hiram. 
Orsborn (Osborn), Hannah (I306)
46 (Research):Her last name Nichols or Nickols came from her gravestone and from the Hyde Genealogy.
Her name was given as Bateman in History of Afton (see: ) and as Beatman in Maud Latham's transcription of the Afton Enterprise. 
Nichols, Lydia (I588)
47 (Research):Hugh is in the Pane-Joyce genealogy Calkins, Dea. Hugh (I202)
48 (Research):I have found Oglevie spelled Oglivee, Oglevee, Ogleve and Oglovee. LFM said it was spelled Oglevie. Tanner, John Oglevie (I159)
49 (Research):In 1910 she was living with her son-in-law Dewitt Ottman and his family in New Haven, Olmsted, Minnesota (US Census).

Birth date and burial information from Minnnesota Cemetery Inscription Index ( There is a one day discrepancy between the dates of death in the Cemetery Inscription Index and the Minn Death Cert Index. 
Keeler, Laura Jane (I180)
50 (Research):Is this him: Minnesota Death Cert 1914-MN-018731 ?

Minnesota Cemetery Inscription Index
Township: Northfield
County: Rice
Name: Ulysses Tanner
Birth Date: 2 Aug 1832
Death Date: 30 May 1915
Cemetery: Northfield City
Section: D 11

The date of death from the Minnesota Death Certificate Index (30 May 1914) differs by one year from that in the Cemetery Inscription Index (30 May 1915).

Also, his birthdate on p 425 of the Tanner book (20 August 1832) differs from the date on p 451 (2 August 1832).

There is another Ulysses Tanner from Cannon Falls, Goodhue County. 
Tanner, Ulysses (I207)

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