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201 Birthdate from G.C. Tanner's book and from Arnold. Tanner, Nathan (I132)
202 Birthdate from G.C. Tanner's book. Arnold reported birth of David of Nathan (of William) and Mary but no birth date. Tanner, David (I134)
203 Birthplace and his parents names were given in the record of his marriage to Theodia Hooper Keene. John's birthplace was incorrectly given as Otsego, New York in William Tanner of South Kingston . . . by Rev. G.C. Tanner.  Tanner, John (I128)
204 Birthplace based on history of parent's residence. Bailey (Baley), Lewis (I1999)
205 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3)
206 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4)
207 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1)
208 Born Eilev Ellingsen Flaam.  Wilson, Ellef (I300)
209 Born Elling; took the name Ellis Wilson, Ellis (I409)
210 Born Hattie she used the name Harriet. Keeler, Hattie M. B. (I1117)
211 Born in Winfield Scott Basset House near Douglas. Ottman, Nellie Marion (I94)
212 Born Ivar and took the name Edward. Wilson, Edward (I299)
213 Born Massachusetts or Vermont Willard, Mary B. (I398)
214 Born Sena Oleson, her family adopted the surname Otterness before 1880.  Otterness, Sena Louise (I366)
215 Born Willem Ottman, William (I167)
216 Both households are included here, because there were potentially three Thomas Baleys in Stephen Town in 1790: Thomas 4th (age 74), Thomas 5th (45) and Thomas 6th(21). As the middle person, Thomas 5th could be either senior or junior.  Baley (Bailey), Thomas 5th (I1989)
217 Bowen says "prob. b. Newbury Oct 12, 1666/7".  Pike, Sarah (I1810)
218 Buried beside Abigail Simmons, his mother-in-law [see Ruth Stebbins' History]. Beach, Urial Julius (I462)
219 by Isaac Sheldon, Justice Family F49
220 by Robert Dixson, J.P. Family F721
221 Calculated death date by adding length of marriage (36 years, 1900 US Census) to year of marriage. Smith, Catherine Emma (I1075)
222 Calculated from age at death. Phelps, Jedediah (I1234)
223 Calculated from gravestone information. Morse, Margaret Jane (I1335)
224 Calculated from gravestone. Shue, Maria (I1279)
225 Calculated from gravestone. Knapp, Susannah (I2066)
226 Calculated from info on gravestone. Leversee, Dow (I2183)
227 Called Edwin in a biosketch of his son Willis. Phelps, Edmund D. (I1248)
228 Called Kendrick in census and land records but Hendrick in a newspaper article featuring Kendrick's daughter Linda (see document below). The latter adds force to the idea that Kendrick is the same person as the Hendricks, a son of Ebenezer, named by Phoenix and discussed by Keeler. The letters H and K written by hand in the 19th century are sometimes easily confused.  Keeler, Kendrick (I1512)
229 Calulated from death record. Mills, Pelatiah Jr. (I2056)
230 Came to Stillwater [Minnesota] in 1868. Member of territorial Legislature in 1849 and 1851. A man well educated and highly esteemed. Trask, Sylvanus (I220)
231 Caroline appears in the 1850 US Census for Erin, Stephenson, Illinois married to John J. Wilson (John I. Wilson in William Tanner , Sr. of South Kingstown, Rhode Island and His Descendants (the Tanner book) with a daughter Cornelia. The daughter's name was actually Ruth Amelia.

Although the Tanner book says that Levi Lucas died in 1883, he is not listed in the household in the 1870 US Census. Caroline is listed first followed by her children Ruth (19), Alice (7) and Adelbert (4). Alice is listed in the Tanner book as Alta Eudora.

In the 1880 Census Caroline was living in Oneco, Stephenson, Illinois, with her daughter Ruth who has married Thomas Werkheiser. Caroline's 14 y.o. son Charles Adelbert is also in the household.

In the 1900 US Census Caroline is living by herself in Orangeville, Oneco Twp., Stephenson, Illinois in her own, unmortgaged house. 
Tanner, Caroline (I205)
232 Cathy Kuhl has pointed out that the winter of 1751-52 was disastrous for 3 year old Paul Jr. and his siblings. They lost both parents, their grandfather, and their uncles Jacob and Jedediah Jr. The only adult Phelps male still living was their uncle Silas.
The dead were:
Jacob, son of Jedediah d. 22 Dec 1751, age 38.
Jedediah Sr. d. 13 Feb 1752, age about 63.
Jerusha, wife of Paul Sr., 17 Mar 1752, age 31.
Paul Sr., died 13 Apr 1752, age 34.
Jedediah Jr., d. 1 Oct 1752 age 25.

The next year Solomon, son of Jedediah Jr., died 7 Apr 1753, age 19 months.
Phelps, Paul Jr. (I191)
233 Cause of death: Apoplexy
Days of illness: 8 
Keeler, David (I1507)
234 Cause of death: Apoplexy, cerebral. Attended deceased from Jan 23 to Jan 30, 1913.  States, Mary Ann (I1083)
235 Cause of death: Apoplexy, cerebral. Been failing for past three years. Contributory: Had stroke 3 yrs ago. Attended deceased from Jan 19th to Jan 30.  Orsborn (Osborn), Enos Cole (I451)
236 Cause of death: Dysentery
Days of illness: 14 
Beach, Urial Julius (I462)
237 Cause of death: Erysipelas. Keeler, Benjamin (I1539)
238 Cause of death: Influenza Jecks, Enos Osborn (I1094)
239 Cause of death: Lung fever Frost, Abraham (I1529)
240 Cause of death: Pneumonia Martin, Zerviah Hyde (I64)
241 Cemetery is presumed from death certificate which gave place of burial as Newaygo County. There is a Civil War memorial to her husband Roswell in the North Ensley Cemetery, but no headstone for Julia.  Nellis, Julia A (I995)
242 Census data shows the following: In 1851 she was 15 and living with her family; she was listed as Sophia. In 1861 Zerviah was living in her parents home with her son Walter but without her husband. In 1871 she is listed as widowed, and she and her son Walter were living with her sister Elizabeth Scott. In 1881 she was living in her son Walter's household as was her father. In 1900 she was listed as Zithira and was living with Sarah and John Kellogg (niece and nephew) in Bloomfield, Oakland, Michigan, along with her sister Elizabeth. The census says she immigrated to the US in 1800.  Martin, Zerviah Hyde (I64)
243 Census was for the Town of Jericho, which was renamed Bainbridge in 1814  Hyde, Daniel (I37)
244 Certificate in file. Martin, Kenneth Tanner (I78)
245 Chamberlain, Frederick B -- Beach, Laura A., 1852 Nov 2
Herman Safford, Minister
Family F171
246 Chancy D. Martin to Letitia A.C. King both of Oxford by license. Wit: David Smiley, Henry Carroll, Salmon King, Calvin Martin, H.T. Martin. Marriage performed by James Ingersol, Justice of the Peace.  Family F359
247 Child: Lucile, b 19 Jul 1904 Becker County, certid# DC-01271
Rudolph J and Mary Maier living in Minneapolis at 2214 NE Lincoln. He was clerk M&StL RR (1930 city directory)
Dexter, Mary (May, Mamie) (I705)
248 Christened at Ascension Church. McPherson, William Butler (I354)
249 Clara owned the bible containing the David Keeler Bible Record when the record was published. Keeler, Clara N. (I1546)
250 Cleoden was living with his parents in in Blenheim, Oxford, Ontario in 1851, and 1861 (Canada Census). He immigrated to the United States in 1869 and was working as a surveyor in Stillwater, Washington, Minnesota in 1870 (US Census). He married in 1873 and was farming in Polk County, Iowa where he remained until after 1900 (US Censuses). In 1910 he was farming in Laramie County, Wyoming (US Census). His wife continued to live there after his death.  Martin, Cleoden T. (I66)

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