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651 Now part of Russia. Hyle, Ida Sofia (I333)
652 Numerous family trees online state that Thomas 2nd married Rachel Dodge and that Thomas 3rd was their son. I have found no documentation for this marriage. Some of these trees said that Thomas married Rachel on 2 Oct 1672. However, on 2 Oct 1762 Thomas Baley of Groton married Rachel Dodge of Pomfret, Connecticut at Abington Congregational Church in Pomfret. It appears that the mistranscription of 1762 to 1672 led to the wide propagation of this error. Also, the 1672 date is unreasonable as Thomas 2nd would have been only 13 or 14 years old in that year. (Note that Abington Church records did not begin until 1749.) Bayley (Baley, Bailey), Thomas 2nd (I2010)
653 Numerous family trees online state that Thomas 2nd married Rachel Dodge and that Thomas 3rd was their son. I have found no documentation for this marriage to date. It is notable that some of these trees said Thomas 2nd and Rachel were married 2 Oct 1672. However, on 2 Oct 1762 Thomas Baley of Groton married Rachel Dodge of Pomfret, Connecticut at Abington Congregational Church in Pomfret. The 1672 date is doubtless a mistranscription of 2 Oct 1762. Also, the 1672 date is unreasonable as Thomas 2nd would have been only 13 or 14 years old in that year. (Note that Abington Church records did not begin until 1749.)

That Thomas 3rd married Rachel Dodge is supported by his will which says "I give to my loving wife Rachel Baley".

Abington Church records say that Rachel was a widow.  
Family F722
654 Obituary from the Adams County (Wisconsin) Press 30 Nov 1889. Transcribed and provided by Cathy Kuhl.

Edmund D. Phelps died at his residence in Lincoln, Nov 19, 1889, ages 73 years. He was born at Dryden NY. He came west and settled in Dodge Co., WI in June 1851. In Dec. of the same year he removed to the town of Lincoln, in this county, settling on the farm on which he has ever since resided until his death. He was accompanied here by three brothers, and the four settled on adjoining farms. Three of these brothers died here, and the surviving one some years ago moved to Minnesota, where he still lives. Mr. Phelps was the youngest of five brothers -- the one residing in Minnesota being the only one living. Mr. Phelps was one of the oldest settlers here. When he came the neighbors were few and there was not a school house in the town. His death seems like the removal of an old landmark. He was a true friend and kind neighbor, and those in distress found with him sympathy and a helping hand. He was the kindest of fathers, and will be sadly missed by his children. He has held many places of trust in the community. He was treasurer of the town for many years and chairman of the town for several terms. He filled all honestly and uprightly. He read much and was passionately fond of flowers and all things beautiful in nature. His youth was passed in the immediate vicinity of the house of Gerrett Smith, whom he greatly admired, and whose teachings had much to do in molding his character and principles. His convictions were firm, and his strong will and fervent expressions often led to his being misunderstood; but his kindness of heart and friendly disposition disarmed resentment and made those who opposed him his personal friends. He passed into the Beyond the friend of Justice, a lover of Humanity, and trusting in the Great Father for immortality. Five years ago his wife died, and since that event he has gradually failed in health. He tried to be patient and murmur not. In my last conversation with him, he said, "it seemed such a long, weary time ere he could go home." His five children, Willis, Henry, Rudolph, Susan and Angie did all that kind hearts could do to make his last moments peaceful and pleasant. Especially are his daughter Angie, and her husband, whose home was his to be commended for their uniform kindness and affectionate care with which they ministered to and solaced the last hours of their aged father. "Uncle Ed", as he was familiarly called, will be sadly missed by all near friends and neighbors. His friend, J. H. McChesney, preached the funeral sermon. Notwithstanding the unfavorable weather, the services were largely attended. 
Phelps, Edmund D. (I1248)
655 Obituary from the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento California, July, 2013.
Born Little Falls Minn. 12/22/1915 passed peacefully at home on 7/7/2013. Graduated in Journalism 1935, Marine Corps Master Sergeant, 30 yrs. 1940-1970, fought on Iwo Jima 1945, China Marine 1947-49, American Embassy in Paris France, 1950-51 and Supervisor 20 yrs. at the CA DOC. An honorable and delightful man of the world, talented musician, brilliant yet stoic, voracious reader, entertained and loved by all who knew him. Could insult someone in seven languages! Predeceased by his wife Joey and his son Keith. Survived by his son Mike and grandchildren; Brandon, Tiffany, Tyler and Laura. Per his wishes a family service was held and any remembrances please send to the American Red Cross. 
Tanner, Robert Leigh (I709)
656 Obituary: Richard A. Bloom, age 77, a lifelong resident of Eagle River, WI, passed away peacefully Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at his home. He was born January 17, 1938 to Uno and Elsa Bloom of Eagle River. Richard was a professional logger for many years; he worked for Klessig Logging in Eagle River. He was an avid fisherman and hunter who loved the outdoors. Richard served in the U.S. Army during Vietnam and was a member of the American Legion. He was preceded in death by his parents and other family members. Richard is survived by his loving wife of 38 years: Cathy Bloom (NEE: Millard) of Eagle River, WI; sisters: Diana Anderson of Eagle River, WI, Sandy (David) Martin of Slingersland, NY, Kathy (Rob) Soderbloom of Stoughton, WI; special and beloved brother: Uno (Jodi) Bloom of Eagle River, WI; nieces, nephews, other family and friends. No service or visitation will be held at Richard's request. Bloom, Richard Anton (I16)
657 of Dorsetshire, England Thorne, William (I2020)
658 of Sag  Flint, Binoni (I1669)
659 Of Scituate, Massachusetts. Sproat, Robert (I1941)
660 Olive's birthdate calculated from the information on her gravestone was 29 Apr 1778, which was several years before the date of her parent's marriage given in The History of Lanesborough, Massachusetts.  Baker, Olive (I922)
661 On 1 May 1858 Andrew Nellis of Newaygo County , Michigan bought 160 acres of land from the Federal Government. It is unclear if the purchaser was Andrew Nellis, Sr. or Jr.  Nellis, Andrew (I988)
662 On 1 May 1858 Andrew Nellis of Newaygo County , Michigan bought 160 acres of land from the Federal Government. It is unclear if the purchaser was Andrew Nellis, Sr. or Jr. Nellis, Andrew Jr. (I989)
663 One cannot be certain who Sarah's parents were, as there appears to be no record of Sarah's birth. Sarah is generally listed as the daughter of Samuel Knapp and Hannah Secor, and she is listed here for that reason. However, she does not appear in Samuel's will even though she was living when Samuel wrote his will in 1838 (in 1839 Sarah sold her property in Watertown to her son Solomon K. Holbrook). Sarah apparently had a close relationship with Samuel's brother Solomon and his wife of Mayfield, New York, and, as pointed out by Laurel Steffes (a descendant of Samuel), there is circumstantial evidence that Sarah was Solomon's daughter. Sarah's children, their spouses, and two of her grandchildren were named among the heirs and next of kin in Solomon Knapp's probate papers (i.e Solomon Holbrook, Achsa (unmarried), Sally (m. David Wells Tower), Harriet (m. Isaac William Tower), Mary Ann (m. Jonathan Miller) Nancy (m. Jerome Palmer) and two Palmer children). However, none of them were mentioned in the will itself. (See transcript of the will below.) Sarah herself was not named among the heirs in Solomon's will probably because she had died before Solomon wrote his will in 1848. Sally Holbrook was a member of Solomon's church, the Mayfield and Broadalbin Baptist Church, indicating that Sarah lived in Mayfield at some time. Two of Sarah's children were namesakes for Solomon and his wife - Solomon K. Holbrook's name is sometimes given as Solomon Knapp Holbrook and Sarah Holbrook's name as Sarah Mills Holbrook (though sometimes as Sarah Antoinette). Achsa and her sons Marcus and George W. Holbrook lived for many years with Solomon Knapp's son David B. Knapp. Finally, Solomon Knapp loaned money to Solomon K. Holbrook in the form of a mortgage.
Knapp, Sarah (Sally) (I2065)
664 One of David Knapp's deeds referred to his wife Abiah.  Hall (Hull), Abiah (I1583)
665 One of Maud Latham's papers says Augustus was born in Connecticut, but see Research Notes.  Latham, Augustus Blair (I85)
666 One of the descendants of Peter Morse who separately received a payment from Martin Stover for a share of Peter's farm. Morse, Marvin (I1355)
667 Orange County at the time.  Family F746
668 Originally called Detroit, the city was renamed Detroit Lakes in 1926.  Knapp, Angeline (I313)
669 Other children shown in Maud Latham's records and in the census, but not entered here. Family F348
670 Other genealogies state that Paul Phelps Jr. married Zerviah Calkins, b. 1735, the daughter of John Calkins and Sarah. If this were true, Zerviah would have been 51 when she bore her last child Paul. Such a late birth is very unlikely, and I have concluded that Zerviah Calkins, b. 1748, the daughter of Solomon Calkins and Zerviah Dewey probably married Paul Phelps, Jr.  Calkins, Zerviah (I1138)
671 Our Samuel Martin may be the same as the Samuel Martin (I726) bap. 1758 in Woodbury, Connecticut or the Samuel Martin (I1949). born 1758 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Martin, Samuel (I27)
672 Parent of 4 boys and 4 girls. Family F509
673 Peter gave ten directives in his will:
1. "unto my son Hiram Morse" he bequeathed the land on which he lived in the Town of Halfmoon.
2. "unto my son Minor Morse" he bequeathed the farm in Halfmoon upon which Minor was living.
3. He divided his personal property among his sons Hiram and Minor and his wife Lettice. When Lettice died, her share was to be equally divided between "my two daughters Millie Osborne wife of Isaac Osborne and Margaret Jane Steenbergh wife of Hoffman Steenbergh".
4. The remainder of his furniture not absolutely bequeathed to Lettice was to be divided between Millie and Margaret Jane.
5. To Millie he bequeathed $600 to be paid at $100 per year.
6. To Margaret Jane he bequeathed $600 to be paid at $100 per year.
7. He directed that Hiram pay the money bequests to Millie and Margaret Jane, and that those bequests be a lien upon the real estate bequeathed to Hiram.
8. He directed that Hiram pay his debts and funeral expenses.
9. He divided his clothes between Hiram and Minor.
10. He named Hiram, Hoffman Steenbergh, and his "trusty friend Asahel Philo" as executors.  
Morse, Peter Jr. (I417)
674 Peter is buried near his grandparents Peter Morse and Hannah Brown. His headstone reads:
In Memory of
died Jan 11 1824
Aged 7 years 3
mo. And 5 days.

Tho I am young yet I must
die and haston to eternity
Orsborn (Osborn), Peter Morse (I471)
675 Peter Morse and Lettice his wife of Halfmoon, Saratoga County were listed among the heirs of Peter Morse who sold Peter's farm to Martin Stover. Morse, Peter Jr. (I417)
676 Peter Morse bequeathed $600 "unto my said daughter Mille Osborne wife of Isaac Osborne" in 1833. Morse, Mille (Millie) (I415)
677 Peter was a weaver. Morse, Peter (I576)
678 Petition was approved by the Lt. Governor, 18 May 1804, but by that time he had already been granted a Crown Patent on Lot 24, Concession 1 in Burford.  Martin, Samuel (I27)
679 Pfc US Army WWII Purple Heart Bloom, Hugo Elmer (I329)
680 Phoenix wrote that Martin was "a wandering, unsteady man; lived, at one time, in Lysander, N.Y., and is thought to have had a family, but no account of it has been obtained." Keeler, Martin (I181)
681 Physical education major Wilson, Ruth Elma (I10)
682 Pioneer of Bristol, Ontario, New York in 1788 and was deacon of the Congregational Church, Bristol. Gooding, James (I766)
683 Pioneer of Bristol, Ontario, New York in 1788. Blacksmith. Gooding, William (I764)
684 Pittsfield's public library Repository (REPO14)
685 Place and date of birth uncertain. Mahala's father Nathan did not sell his farm in Petersburgh until 1808.  Tanner, Mahala (I434)
686 Place of birth assumed not documented. Mayfield was in Montgomery County at that time.  Knapp, Sarah (Sally) (I2065)
687 Place of death inferred from locations of home (US Census) and burial. Amidon, Eunice (I184)
688 Place uncertain. Otterness, Henry O. (I364)
689 Plot in sect 1, lot 51, row 8  Knapp, Samuel (I1582)
690 Possibly died young. Osborn (I1686)
691 Possibly Elizabeth Colgrove, daughter of Francis and Anna Colgrove of Westerly, Rhode Island. Elizabeth (I141)
692 Possibly Lincoln, Adams, Wisconsin Phelps, Elijah D. (I183)
693 Possilbly appears as T.C> Keeler in 1860 US Census. Not mentioned in Syracuse American newspaper article.  Keeler, Laura (I1569)
694 Presumed Massachusetts. Soper, Joseph (I261)
695 Presumed Weymouth, Massachusetts not England Phillips, Joshua Sr (I238)
696 Probably 2 or 3 days old. Osborn (I1688)
697 Probably a son of Dow and Mary who died young, as his name (A. E. Burns) appeared on the family monument. I have no other evidence for this relationship. Name is from Burns, Albert Edward (I1952)
698 Probably b. Haverstraw Precinct, Orange (now Rockland) County, New York. Knapp, Samuel (I1582)
699 Probably born Addie and later used the name Adelaide. Her name in William Tanner , Sr. of South Kingstown, Rhode Island and His Descendants is Addie Olevia, but it is Adelaide on her death certificate.  Tanner, Addie Olevia (I113)
700 Probably born in Orangeville, Illinois. Lucas, Alta Eudora (I214)

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