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801 There is an issue with Aaron and Moses that I do not understand, but have not pursed, as Cleveland assigned the ID 236 to Aaron and 236a to Moses.  Cleaveland (Cleveland), Moses (I1871)
802 There was a Chester T. listed in Walworth's "Hyde Genealogy", but this was probably Cleoden T.  Martin, Cleoden T. (I66)
803 There was a James Wilsey living in Maryland, Otsego, New York US Census), but he appears to be too young to be Catherine's father.  Family F574
804 There was a marker commemorating his Civil War service, but I found no gravestone for him or his wife Julia.  Mathews, Roswell (I1006)
805 There were five more deeds registered in which Martin Stover separately paid additional heirs of Peter Morse for the same tract of land. All the heirs claimed an undivided share.

Martin Stover paid:
14 Mar 1825, $72.94 to Marvin Morse of Schaghticoke, a son of Peter's son Amos.

9 Jan 1828, $52.14 to James H. Simond [or Simonds] and Hannah his wife. Hannah was a daughter of Peter's son Rufus.

10 Feb 1830, $96.74 to William Turner and Kasia his wife of Schaghticoke. Kasia was a daughter of Peter's son Amos.

1 Mar 1831, $60.11 to Almira Kazia Morse. Almira was a daughter of Peter's son Rufus.

26 Sep 1834, $71.49 to Alfred Smith and Silany his wife of Newport, Herkimer, New York. Silany was a grandchild of Rufus Morse and a great grandchild of Peter Morse being the only surviving child of Sarah Greenfield a daughter of Peter's son Rufus.  
Morse, Peter (I468)
806 These are probably our Samuel and Huldah.
From Old Batavia Cemetery Records
(Batavia Pioneer Cemetery)
Baker, Hulda, d. January 6, 1817, @ 62y
Baker, Samuel, d. April 28, 1818, @ 63y  
Greene, Huldah (I386)
807 These are probably our Samuel and Huldah.
Old Batavia Cemetery Records
(Batavia Pioneer Cemetery)
Baker, Hulda, d. January 6, 1817, @ 62y
Baker, Samuel, d. April 28, 1818, @ 63y  
Baker, Samuel (I531)
808 This child was not found in later US censuses. First name uncertain. Keeler, Hester (I1103)
809 This land was sold at Sheriff's auction on 15 Sep 1860 as the result of a legal action brought against David B Knapp, James Fenlason and James McNulty by F. Henry Damon.  Knapp, David Benjamin (I305)
810 This page is based on G.C. Tanner's book William Tanner of South Kingston Rhode Island . . . However, G.C. Tanner's work on William has been found to contain errors. I intend to revise this page as soon as I can. In the meantime, please do not take this page as correct. Tanner, William (I138)
811 This Samuel is a candidate to be the Samuel (I27) who married Silence Greene . However, according to Notices: Genealogical and Historical of the Martin Family he was not listed in the wills of either of his parents, and he is not mentioned later in the book. He may have died young. Martin, Samuel (I1949)
812 This Samuel Martin may be the same as Samuel Martin (I27).  Martin, Samuel (I726)
813 This Sarah Knapp is commonly found as the daughter of Samuel Knapp and Hannah Secor. At the suggestion of Laurel Steffes, a descendant of Samuel and Hannah, I have placed Sarah as the daughter of Samuel's brother Solomon and Sarah Mills. Laurel offered the following reasons for doing so: 1. Sarah's daughter Achsa (Axy) Holbrook was listed among the heirs in her presumed grandfather Solomon's probate papers, and it is hard to understand why that would be true if she was Samuel's granddaughter. (See transcript below. Sarah herself was not named among the heirs, probably because she had died before the will was written.) 2. Achsa and her sons Marcus and George W. Holbrook also lived for many years with Solomon's son David B. Knapp. 3. Sarah had a son Solomon K. Holbrook (often given as Solomon Knapp Holbrook). 4. Some trees say that Sarah had a daughter Sarah Mills Holbrook (others trees say Sarah Antoinette).  Knapp, Sarah (I2065)
814 Thomas 3rd was named first in his father's will but did not receive a bequest because he had already received a gift of land.
Baley (Bailey), Thomas 3rd (I1992)
815 Thomas and Huldah's marriage is listed in both the Groton and Preston volumes of the Barbour Collection. Family F704
816 Thomas Bayley was the progenitor of five succeeding generations of Thomas Baleys. Thomases 2 thru 5 were born in New London or Groton, Connecticut and Thomas 6 was born in Voluntown, Connecticut. Thomas the 4th and the 5th (and the 6th who would have been about 4 years old) moved about 1773 to what would become Petersburgh, Rensselaer, New York.  Bayley (Bailey), Thomas 1st (I2012)
817 Thomas came on the Mayflower with his son Joseph. His wife remained behind with his other children. His son John came later, possibly with his sisters. Thomas died in his first winter in the new world. Rogers, Thomas (I158)
818 Thomas Stanton of Stonington, Connecticut. Stanton, Thomas (I2047)
819 Thomas was a tanner as was his father Jeremy. Osborne, Thomas (I1702)
820 Tolland County was formed in 1785 from towns in Windham County, including the towns of Mansfield and Tolland. Since Elijah was born in 1775, he was probably born in Mansfield Township in Windham County.  Phelps, Elijah D. (I183)
821 Town record says "in the 63rd y. of his age". Phelps, Jedediah (I1234)
822 Transcript in file. Martin, Kenneth Tanner (I78)
823 Twin. Morse, Benjamin (I1774)
824 Twin. Morse, Abiel (I1773)
825 Two years were given for William Ottmans birth, 1806 (p15) and 1808 (p 12) in The Family of Dewitt Gilbert and Elma Phelps OttmanOttman, William (I167)
826 Unmarried. Morse, Lydia (I1768)
827 Unmarried. Cleaveland (Cleveland), Lydia (I1868)
828 Used the name John in the US.  Ahola, Johan M. (I685)
829 Usually referred to as J.O. Simmons.

In the 1850 US census he and his family were recorded as living in Westfield Twp, Medina Co, Ohio.

In the 1860 Census, he was living in Little Falls Village, Morrison, Minnesota with Harriet H (wife), Mary Jane (12), Jonathan (9), Charles (4), Franklin B. (2) Jonathan (62; his father, a farmer) and a servant.

LFM wrote"before removing to Minnesota he farmed and ran a livestock exchange in what was then known as Ohio Western Reserve, dealing as far away as New York State, where he most likely met his future wife. . . He moved to Little Falls in 1857, became a merchant and a "'cruiser" for a railroad. In 1864 he went south to St. Louis in government service as an agent under General Haines, then did what could be called "carpet bagging" on the lower Mississippi River between Memphis, Tennessee and Vicksburg, Mississippi, selling goods, dealing in lumber, & cotton farming. His wife died in the south in 1869. He and his sons returned to Little Falls in 1870, took up the study of Homeopathic medicine. . . tried homesteading in Bismark, Dakota Territory, 3 years, returned to Little Falls in 1876 and began the practise of medicine." 
Simmons, Dr. Jonathan Oscar (I142)
830 Various birthdates reported for Amanda: 1 May 1808, 5 May 1808 (calculated from gravestone), 3 Apr 1808 (findagrave).  Martin, Amanda Malvina (I54)
831 Viktor Wilson wrote that she died at 98 yrs 42 days of age, but he did not give her birth date. She smoked a pipe. Once when suprised by vistors she put the pipe in her apron pocket to hide it and set her apron on fire. Keeler, Laura Jane (I180)
832 Viola and Jeanette traveled to Europe and returned on the ship Britannic, arriving in New York on 16 Aug 1936. This record includes their full names and birth dates.  Jurgerson, Belinda Jeanette (I1062)
833 Viola and Jeanette traveled to Europe and returned on the ship Britannic, arriving in New York on 16 Aug 1936. This record includes their full names and birth dates. Jurgerson, Alvida Viola (I1061)
834 Virginia (1850 and 1870 US Censuses) or Maryland (1860 US Census).  Jane (I1979)
835 Walter's birthplace is unclear. His birthplace was listed as New York in the 1900 US Census for his children Elizabeth (and Zerviah, who was in the same household), Cleoden and Alfred, but as Vermont by Lycurgus. His grandson Walter Gaynor also gave Walter's birthplace as Vermont on Zerviah Martin Gaynor's death certificate. Some sources give his birthplace as Claverack, Columbia, New York. Claverack may have been inferred from Walworth's Hyde Genealogy which stated that Walter's parents moved from Claverack to Bainbridge, New York in 1806. However, they may have moved in 1801 (see notes under Earl Martin and Daniel Hyde). If that is true, Walter may have been born in Bainbridge or nearby Afton, New York. Martin, Walter Hyde (I23)
836 Walworth in the Hyde Genealogy says that Daniel settled in Lenanon, moved to Middleburgh (Schoharie County), NY in 1795, then to Claverack, then in 1806 moved to Bainbridge.

Maud Latham wrote a note giving an "exact copy" of the history of Afton from The Afton Enterprise, Chenango Co, NY May 20, 1887. "Daniel Hyde came from Claverick, Columbia County [NY] in 1801 and settled two and one-half miles north of Afton at what is known as Ayrshire or North Afton on a farm now occupied by Edward Wilkenson, where he died. His children were (1) Edward, who married Lydia, daughter of Nathan Beatmare [sp?]and settled in the same locality, but afterward removed to Masonville, where he died: (2) Daniel who married a woman named Graham and settled at Ashtabula County, Ohio, where he died: (3) Chauncy who married Lucretia, daughter of Amasa [sp?]Newton and settled and died near the old homestead (4) Elijah, who for his first wife married Jemima, daughter of Amasa Newton, and for his second wife Harriet daughter of Mr. Chase, and also settled and died near the old homestead: (5) Zerviah, who married a man named Martin (Earl) and removed with him to Paris Canada where she died: (6) Polly (Mary) who married Leighton Joyce and settled in Greene County and died in Brooklyn, NY: (7) Cynthia, who married Dr. Archibald Welch, and settled and died in New Haven, Conn: (8) Olive who married Wells Newton and settled in Bainbridge and died there."
There is more in Maud's note about grandchildren.

Hyde, Daniel (I37)
837 Wedding date from biosketch of Arthur D. Knapp Family F31
838 Who married David and Hannah?
Hannah's sister Selina was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Mayfield. Thus, it is probable that the rest of the family also attended that church, and that David and Hannah were married by one its pastors. Possibilities are (name and year of service): William Ames, '35; James H. Taylor and Henry Williams, '36; Roswell Kelley and J. P. Foster, '38; O. Emerson and H. B. Knight, '39; Jos. Eames and John Seage, '40. These men were undoubtedly circuit riders. The list was taken from Broadalbin in History by R.J. Honeywell.

Solomon Knapp was a member of the Baptist Church of Broadalbin and Mayfield, and it is possible that the marriage was conducted by a pastor from the Baptist Church. They were Rev. Wm. Groom, 1818, Rev. James Delaney, 1837; Rev. WM. Curtis, 1838 (list from the Church website) 
Family F31
839 Widow of Carl Gustafson, a cousin of Viola Redding Tanner. Gustafson, Zoe Warren (I716)
840 Widow of Orloff Williams (Warren) Williams, Ruth (I1664)
841 Widow of Timothy's brother Jacob.  Family F584
842 William deeded land as late as 25 Aug 1731. Tanner, William (I138)
843 William signed his name Osborn not Orsborn. Osborn, William (I1465)
844 William was from Berkeley, Massachusetts.  Family F668
845 William's birth date given as 23 Aug 1864 in family records and as 23 Jul 1865 in his death record. His birthplace was given as Little Falls, Minnesota in his death record. Simmons, William Lee (I464)
846 Worked as a liveryman in Saginaw. Martin, Jira S. (I67)
847 WWI leader of the Red Arrow Division. Became Circuit Court Judge in 1926. Martin, Harry W (I962)
848 Year calculated from death record. Mills, Pelatiah (I2063)
849 Yeoman. Osborne, Edward (I1728)
850 Zerviah's birth date was given as 23 May 1836 on her death certificate, but as Apr 1835 in the 1900 US Census.  Martin, Zerviah Hyde (I64)

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