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901 Then Montgomery County. Knapp, Cordelia (I1535)
902 There appears to be no evidence that the Amidon family was of French Huguenot origin, as has been claimed.  Amidon, Philip (I189)
903 There appears to be no record of Anna later than the 1784 baptismal record. She possibly married or died before the 1790 US Census.  Phelps, Anna (I1222)
904 There appears to be no record of Sarah's birth except in the Rev. G.C. Tanner's 2nd book on the Tanner family, but he does not name her parents or place of birth. Circumstantial evidence suggests that she was born to Thomas Baley and Huldah Stanton Baley of New London County, Connecticut. Sarah and Nathan Tanner named their 3rd child Stanton and their sixth child Huldah, the family and given names of Sarah's presumed mother. Neither Stanton nor Huldah was a traditional given name in the extended Tanner family. In fact, Sarah's son is the only Stanton Tanner and Sarah's Huldah was the first Huldah born to a Tanner in either of G.C.Tanner's books on the Tanner family. Sarah's presumed brother Stanton Bailey lived in Petersburgh, New York where Nathan and Sarah lived. In 1773 Sarah's presumed father Thomas Baley and his son Thomas Baley, Jr. leased adjacent properties in Little Hoosick (now Petersburgh) in the East Manor of Rensselaerwyck and were listed near Stanton Baily and Nathan Tanner in the 1790 US Census for Stephen Town, Albany, New York. (Stephen Town was the eastern half of what would become Rensselaer County in 1791 and included the area that would become Petersburgh, also in 1791.)  Bailey, Sarah (I133)
905 There are serious errors in the description of Ruth's life in The Janes Family. It says that Ruth had four children with John Searle: James b. 12 Feb 1675, Ebenezer, b. 9 Jan 1679, John b. 6 Aug 1690, and Elisha b. 1695. However, I have found only one child (John) born before Ruth's death in 1672. Also, Northampton vital records show that John Searls married Mary North in Northampton in 1675 and with her had sons James b. 12 Feb 1675 and Ebenezer b. 9 Jan 1679. The parentage of John b. 1690 is unclear.
The Janes Family also says that John Searle died in the Pascomac (Pascommuck) massacre in 1704 and that Ruth subsequently married a widower Nathaniel Alexander. According to New England Marriages Prior to 1700 there was a John Searle (d. 1704) who married Abigail Pomeroy 5 Apr 1694 in Springfield, Massachusetts, and she subsequently married Nathaniel Alexander. John Searles and Abigail had a son Elisha b. 4 Feb 1694 in Northampton. It is possible that this John Searles was Ruth's son b.1670 and Elisha was Ruth's grandson.
All dates are old style.  
Family F808
906 There is a biographical sketch of Alexander Rae Davidson at the Manitoba Historical Society Website --
Davidson, Alexander Rae (I119)
907 There is a record at the Wisconsin State Historical Society for the marriage of Alanson Latham and Martha Johnson in Raqcine County, but I have not obtained a copy.  Family F774
908 There is a record of Jean T Cobb accompanied by Karen Jean Bruce entering the United States at Idlewild Airport, NY from Bogota, Columbia on 28 Jul 1955. Thus, Jean married Cobb before that date.  Family F735
909 There is an error in Phelps Family of America which says that Jedediah, Jr., first married Eleanor Crocker and after his death Eleanor married ____ Rocker. It incorrectly cites a statement in the division of lands in Jedediah Jr's probate papers. The actual statement reads "To the widow Eleanor Phelps now Eleanor Crocker". The statement "the widow Eleanor Phelps now Eleanor Crocker" also appears in the division of lands in Jedediah Sr's probate papers. Rocker was not mentioned. Thus, ___ Crocker was Eleanor's second husband. Family F763
910 There is an issue with Aaron and Moses that I do not understand, but have not pursed, as Cleveland assigned the ID 236 to Aaron and 236a to Moses.
Also Cleveland says Aaron could also have been born 7 Dec 1727 at Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts.  
Cleaveland (Cleveland), Aaron (I1870)
911 There is an issue with Aaron and Moses that I do not understand, but have not pursed, as Cleveland assigned the ID 236 to Aaron and 236a to Moses.  Cleaveland (Cleveland), Moses (I1871)
912 There was a Chester T. listed in Walworth's "Hyde Genealogy", but this was probably Cleoden T.  Martin, Cleoden T. (I66)
913 There was a James Wilsey living in Maryland, Otsego, New York US Census), but he appears to be too young to be Catherine's father.  Family F574
914 There was a marker commemorating his Civil War service, but I found no gravestone for him or his wife Julia.  Mathews, Roswell (I1006)
915 There was no will in the probate packet and it is unclear if Paul (1st) was intestate or if the material on is an incomplete record of the case. Phelps and Servin cited a 1772 document, but it is not in the materials. Paul's case took years to complete. Receipts for payments by Silas Phelps to heirs were recorded as late as 1788.  Phelps, Paul (2nd) (I191)
916 There was no will on file for David B. Knapp in the probate court of Manitowoc County. We did find probate papers for Arthur D. Knapp, but they told us nothing about his father.

Knapp, David Benjamin (I305)
917 There were five more deeds registered in which Martin Stover separately paid additional heirs of Peter Morse for the same tract of land. All the heirs claimed an undivided share.

Martin Stover paid:
14 Mar 1825, $72.94 to Marvin Morse of Schaghticoke, a son of Peter's son Amos.

9 Jan 1828, $52.14 to James H. Simond [or Simonds] and Hannah his wife. Hannah was a daughter of Peter's son Rufus.

10 Feb 1830, $96.74 to William Turner and Kasia his wife of Schaghticoke. Kasia was a daughter of Peter's son Amos.

1 Mar 1831, $60.11 to Almira Kazia Morse. Almira was a daughter of Peter's son Rufus.

26 Sep 1834, $71.49 to Alfred Smith and Silany his wife of Newport, Herkimer, New York. Silany was a grandchild of Rufus Morse and a great grandchild of Peter Morse being the only surviving child of Sarah Greenfield a daughter of Peter's son Rufus.  
Morse, Peter (I468)
918 These are probably our Samuel and Huldah.
From Old Batavia Cemetery Records
(Batavia Pioneer Cemetery)
Baker, Hulda, d. January 6, 1817, @ 62y
Baker, Samuel, d. April 28, 1818, @ 63y 
Greene, Huldah (I386)
919 These are probably our Samuel and Huldah.
Old Batavia Cemetery Records
(Batavia Pioneer Cemetery)
Baker, Hulda, d. January 6, 1817, @ 62y
Baker, Samuel, d. April 28, 1818, @ 63y  
Baker, Samuel (I531)
920 This child was not found in later US censuses. First name uncertain. Keeler, Hester (I1103)
921 This household may not belong to Thomas 6th. In 1790 there were potentially three Thomas Baleys living in Stephen Town: Thomas 4th (age 74), Thomas 5th (45) and Thomas 6th (21). If Thomas 6th had established his own household and Thomas 4th died before 1790 than this census household would belong to Thomas 6th.  Baley (Bailey), Thomas 6th (I2022)
922 This land was sold at Sheriff's auction on 15 Sep 1860 as the result of a legal action brought against David B Knapp, James Fenlason and James McNulty by F. Henry Damon.  Knapp, David Benjamin (I305)
923 This marriage is documented by the baptismal records of their children at the Clarkstown Reformed Church which named the parents as Abraham Thew (various spellings) and Rachel Knep. It is possible that Rachel married first John Cobblay, as there are records for the marriage of Rachel Knapp and John Cobblay on 24 Apr 1760 and the marriage of Rachel Cobby and Abraham Thew on 21 Aug 1761. If so, why was she called Rachel Knep rather than Rachel Cobby or Cobblay in the baptismal records? Were there two Abraham Thews who married Rachels? Family F746
924 This page is based on G.C. Tanner's book William Tanner of South Kingston Rhode Island . . . However, G.C. Tanner's work on William has been found to contain errors. I intend to revise this page as soon as I can. In the meantime, please do not take this page as correct. Tanner, William (I138)
925 This Samuel is a candidate to be the Samuel (I27) who married Silence Greene . However, according to Notices: Genealogical and Historical of the Martin Family he was not listed in the wills of either of his parents, and he is not mentioned later in the book. He may have died young. Martin, Samuel (I1949)
926 This Samuel Martin may be the same as Samuel Martin (I27).  Martin, Samuel (I726)
927 This source provides only the date and names of the bride and groom. Thus, this record is presumed to refer to the Daniel Knep and Susannah Hout in the baptismal record for Benjamin Knep. Because most of the original data was lost, this marriage does not appear in Scott's (1972) compilation of New York marriages before 1784. Family F751
928 Thomas 3rd was named first in his father's will but did not receive a bequest because he had already received a gift of land.
Baley (Bailey), Thomas 3rd (I1992)
929 Thomas and Huldah's marriage is listed in both the Groton and Preston volumes of the Barbour Collection. Family F704
930 Thomas Bayley was the progenitor of five succeeding generations of Thomas Baleys. Thomases 2 thru 5 were born in New London or Groton, Connecticut and Thomas 6 was born in Voluntown, Connecticut. Bayley (Baley, Bailey), Thomas 1st (I2012)
931 Thomas came on the Mayflower with his son Joseph. His wife remained behind with his other children. His son John came later, possibly with his sisters. Thomas died in his first winter in the new world. Rogers, Thomas (I158)
932 Thomas Stanton of Stonington, Connecticut. Stanton, Thomas (I2047)
933 Thomas was a tanner as was his father Jeremy. Osborne, Thomas (I1702)
934 Tolland County was formed in 1785 from towns in Windham County, including the towns of Mansfield and Tolland. Since Elijah was born in 1775, he was probably born in Mansfield Township in Windham County.  Phelps, Elijah D. (I183)
935 Town record says "in the 63rd y. of his age" which is consistent with his birth date. Phelps, Jedediah (I1234)
936 Transcript in file. Martin, Kenneth Tanner (I78)
937 Twin. Morse, Benjamin (I1774)
938 Twin. Morse, Abiel (I1773)
939 Two years were given for William Ottmans birth, 1806 (p15) and 1808 (p 12) in The Family of Dewitt Gilbert and Elma Phelps OttmanOttman, William (I167)
940 Unclear what the location Davies, Illinois refers to. There is a Jo Daviess County and Village of Davis in Stephenson County, Illinois. Charles father bought land in Stephenson County, Illinois in 1843, but it was not near the Village of Davis.  Leversee, Charles D. (I2197)
941 Unconfirmed date of death from findagrave. Holbrook, John (I2071)
942 Unmarried. Morse, Lydia (I1768)
943 Unmarried. Cleaveland (Cleveland), Lydia (I1868)
944 Used the name John in the US.  Ahola, Johan M. (I685)
945 Usually referred to as J.O. Simmons.

In the 1850 US census he and his family were recorded as living in Westfield Twp, Medina Co, Ohio.

In the 1860 Census, he was living in Little Falls Village, Morrison, Minnesota with Harriet H (wife), Mary Jane (12), Jonathan (9), Charles (4), Franklin B. (2) Jonathan (62; his father, a farmer) and a servant.

LFM wrote"before removing to Minnesota he farmed and ran a livestock exchange in what was then known as Ohio Western Reserve, dealing as far away as New York State, where he most likely met his future wife. . . He moved to Little Falls in 1857, became a merchant and a "'cruiser" for a railroad. In 1864 he went south to St. Louis in government service as an agent under General Haines, then did what could be called "carpet bagging" on the lower Mississippi River between Memphis, Tennessee and Vicksburg, Mississippi, selling goods, dealing in lumber, & cotton farming. His wife died in the south in 1869. He and his sons returned to Little Falls in 1870, took up the study of Homeopathic medicine. . . tried homesteading in Bismark, Dakota Territory, 3 years, returned to Little Falls in 1876 and began the practise of medicine." 
Simmons, Dr. Jonathan Oscar (I142)
946 Various birthdates reported for Amanda: 1 May 1808, 5 May 1808 (calculated from gravestone), 3 Apr 1808 (findagrave).  Martin, Amanda Malvina (I54)
947 Viktor Wilson wrote that she died at 98 yrs 42 days of age, but he did not give her birth date. She smoked a pipe. Once when suprised by vistors she put the pipe in her apron pocket to hide it and set her apron on fire. Keeler, Laura Jane (I180)
948 Viola and Jeanette traveled to Europe and returned on the ship Britannic, arriving in New York on 16 Aug 1936. This record includes their full names and birth dates.  Jurgerson, Belinda Jeanette (I1062)
949 Viola and Jeanette traveled to Europe and returned on the ship Britannic, arriving in New York on 16 Aug 1936. This record includes their full names and birth dates. Jurgerson, Alvida Viola (I1061)
950 Virginia (1850 and 1870 US Censuses) or Maryland (1860 US Census).  Jane (I1979)

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