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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Nancy  Abt 1813New York I1250
2 Becker, Clarissa  1869New York I1524
3 Becker, James  Abt 1846New York I1522
4 Becker, Sarah A  Abt 1866New York I1523
5 Bloom, Andrew W.  7 Jun 1904New York I322
6 Bloom, Armas V.  1 Jan 1906New York I323
7 Brown, Lucia  Sep 1842New York I624
8 Calkins, Catherine  19 Jun 1751New York I1163
9 Calkins, Jesse  26 May 1755New York I1164
10 Calkins, Nathaniel  11 Jun 1752New York I1162
11 Calkins, Sarah  15 Sep 1746New York I1159
12 Cory, Frank A  Apr 1876New York I1525
13 Hiller, Maria  1805New York I175
14 Hoffman, Albert B.  1884New York I1121
15 Holbrook, Achsa  1825New York I1104
16 Holbrook, George W  1846New York I1534
17 Holbrook, Marcus  1844New York I1291
18 Hooper, Theodia  Abt 1815New York I483
19 Keeler, David  Abt 1842New York I1567
20 Keeler, Elizabeth Catherine  Oct 1854New York I1478
21 Keeler, Elvina  Abt 1847New York I1563
22 Keeler, Florilla  Abt 1844New York I1471
23 Keeler, Heman Henry  18 Jan 1840New York I1566
24 Keeler, James  1875New York I1521
25 Keeler, Kendrick  Abt 1805New York I1512
26 Keeler, Laura  Abt 1839New York I1569
27 Keeler, Mary  Abt 1845New York I1561
28 Keeler, Susan M.  Abt 1823New York I1450
29 Kenyon, Richard Harold  3 Aug 1875New York I695
30 Knapp, David Benjamin  Abt 1813New York I305
31 Knapp, Esrom  Abt 1838New York I311
32 Knapp, Harriet J.  Abt 1841New York I312
33 Ladd, Arvilla (Ervilla)  Abt 1848New York I1460
34 Ladd, Frances A.  Abt 1849New York I1462
35 Ladd, Zylvia (Zilpha)  Abt 1841New York I1459
36 Lee, Benjamin F.  Abt 1833New York I401
37 Lee, Charles H.  Abt 1821New York I399
38 Lee, George C  Abt 1829New York I400
39 Lee, Harriet Hurd  26 Jan 1825New York I143
40 Lee, Thaddeus C.  Abt 1836New York I402
41 Loder, Rhoda Ann  10 Oct 1833New York I1551
42 McIntyre, Rose  15 Apr 1853New York I1516
43 Nellis, Andrew  1784New York I988
44 Phelps, Charles M.  1839New York I404
45 Phelps, Clarence  Abt 1846New York I1277
46 Phelps, Edward  Abt 1834New York I1280
47 Phelps, Elijah M.  Abt 1847New York I1475
48 Phelps, Elizabeth A.  Abt 1840New York I1474
49 Phelps, Ellen  12 Jun 1837New York I406
50 Phelps, Elvira  28 Feb 1834New York I405

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brewer, Abigail  New York I492
2 Keeler, Elizabeth Catherine  27 Mar 1943New York I1478

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Tanner, Nathan  1777 - 1779New York I132
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