Histories of the Martin, Wilson, Bloom, & Ahola Families

Welcome. Here are the histories and genealogies of our English, German, Norwegian and Finnish forebears who immigrated to North America at various times beginning more than 400 years ago. They or some of their descendants lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin in the first decades of the 20th century and link us to the past.

This site is based on the work of many people. Foremost among them are: Maud Martin Latham whose work on the Martin and Hyde families first drew my interest to our family's history; Viktor O. Wilson, who compiled the histories of the Wilson and Ottman families; Ruth Simmons Stebbins, who compiled the Simmons family genealogy; Lottie Tanner Martin, who collected and preserved many photos and historical documents. She was a founding member of the Morrison County, Minnesota Historical Society and contributed a great deal of material to it; Fred and Ruth Martin who preserved and summarized much information and extended our knowledge of the Ottman family in New York

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