Histories of the Martin, Wilson, Bloom, & Ahola Families



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1201 Widow of John Bankes, draper. (__) Bankes, Margaret (I2646)
1202 Widow of John Broughton and daughter of Thomas Bascom. (Bascom) Broughton, Hannah (I2294)
1203 Widow of John Martin ______, Martin, Sarah (I2425)
1204 Widow of Orloff Williams (Warren) Williams, Ruth (I1664)
1205 Widow of Timothy's brother Jacob.  Family: Orsborn (Osborn), Timothy / Burrill, Lydia (F584)
1206 Wilhelm was a farm hand or perhaps a crofter or tenant farmer. His surname changed as he moved from one house or farm to another. Known to his Bloom descendants as Wilhelm Heiniluoma. Lähteenmäki, Haapala, Heiniluoma, Wilhelm Michaelsson (I343)
1207 William Bradford wrote "Moyses Fletcher, Thomas Williams, Digerie Preist, John Goodman, Edmond Margeson, Richard Britteridge, Richard Clarke. All these dyed sone after their arivall, in the generall sicknes that befell. But Digerie Preist had his wife & children sent hither afterwards, she being Mr. Allertons sister. But the rest left no posteritie here. " Family: Priest, Degory / Allerton (Vincent, Priest, Godbertson), Sarah (F863)
1208 William Bradford wrote "Mr. Steven Hopkins, & Elizabeth, his wife, and 2. children, caled Giles, and Constanta, a doughter, both by a former wife; and 2. more by this wife, caled Damaris & Oceanus; the last was borne at sea; and 2. servants, called Edward Doty and Edward Litster." and "Mr. Hopkins and his wife are now both dead, but they lived above 20. years in this place, and had one sone and 4. doughters borne here. Ther sone became a seaman, & dyed at Barbadoes; one daughter dyed here, and 2. are maried; one of them hath 2. children; & one is yet to mary. So their increase which still survive are 5. But his sone Giles is maried, and hath 4. children. " Family: Hopkins, Stephen / Fisher, Elizabeth (F857)
1209 William deeded land as late as 25 Aug 1731. Tanner, William (I138)
1210 William signed his name Osborn not Orsborn. Osborn, William (I1465)
1211 William was a son of Samuel Dudley, the husband of Anne's sister Sarah. Family: Dudley, William / Shepard, Anne (F897)
1212 William was from Berkeley, Massachusetts.  Family: Nichols, William / Gooding, Mary (F668)
1213 William's birth date given as 23 Aug 1864 in family records and as 23 Jul 1865 in his death record. His birthplace was given as Little Falls, Minnesota in his death record. Simmons, William Lee (I464)
1214 Worked as a liveryman in Saginaw. Martin, Jira S. (I67)
1215 WWI leader of the Red Arrow Division. Became Circuit Court Judge in 1926. Martin, Harry W (I962)
1216 Year calculated from death record. Mills, Pelatiah (I2063)
1217 Year calculated from death record. Dresser, Mary (I1156)
1218 Yeoman Osborne, Edward (I1728)
1219 Yeoman Hall, Robert the younger (I2639)
1220 Yeoman. Osborne, Edward (I1728)
1221 Yeoman. Hall, Thomas (I2616)
1222 Zerviah's birth date was given as 23 May 1836 on her death certificate, but as Apr 1835 in the 1900 US Census.  Martin, Zerviah Hyde (I64)

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