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51 (Research):Maud Latham's notes: Jane Lee was from East Saybrook (now Lyme, Conn). Lee, Jane (I76)
52 (Research):Middle name Alma, birth and death dates are from Minnesota Hist Soc Death Cert Index. Martin, Blanche Alma (I84)
53 (Research):Minnesota Hist Soc Death Cert Index shows Jessie M Tanner born May 8, 1891 out of state and died Oct 22, 1965 in Sherburne Co., Minnesota. Is that her?

The name Oglevie is spelled Oglivee in the Tanner book. Her son John's middle name was also spelled other ways. 
Oglivee, Jessie Eagleson (I121)
54 (Research):Minnesota Hist Soc Death Index lists an Alfred L. Martin as dying in Hennepin County 10/20/1926. This agrees with a date in a family tree in Maud Latham's papers.

In the 1920 census Alfred Lycurgus was living with his wife Julia and son Alfred Lyle in Sentinel Butte, Golden Valley , North Dakota. (Golden Valley County was split from Billings County in 1912.) His occupation unclear (farmer?). Julia had no occupation. 
Martin, Alfred Lycurgus (I82)
55 (Research):My notes of conversation with LFM say that Jeanne married Pullam. Had 2 children. Martin, Jeanne Virginia (I90)
56 (Research):Named by LFM Hunter, Willard Willis (I161)
57 (Research):Need to verify middle name. Bloom, Ina Josephine (I324)
58 (Research):Need to verify that this is Blanche's husband's name. Russell, John Higgins (I86)
59 (Research):Posted on findagrave.com by Richard Anderson
Birth: May 13, 1746
Windham County
Connecticut, USA
Death: Jul. 25, 1830
Rensselaer County
New York, USA

Sarah Ransom was born on May 14, 1746 in Canterbury, Windham County, Connecticut. Her parents were Robert Ransom and Hannah Burgess. She married Peter Morse, Sr. (son of Joseph Morse and Keziah Cleveland) on November 16, 1762 in Canterbury. Sarah died on July 25, 1830 in Schaghticoke, Rensselaer County, New York. 
Ransom, Sarah (I469)
60 (Research):Presumed the daughter of Ludwig Kling and Anna Frantz. Kling, Magdalena (I638)
61 (Research):Ruth Stebbins has addressed the idenitity of John Simmons' father. She believes that the history given in "Moses Simmons" by L. A. Simmons is incorrect, as explained in "JohnSimmonsFatherNotes.pdf". (I think the book "Moses Simmons" is probably "The History History of the Simmons Family from Moses Simmons, 1st. (Moyses Symonson)
Ship Fortune 1621 by Lorenzo Albert Simmons, Lincoln, Nebraska , 1930).

John's birthdate needs investigation. The Jonathon Simmons ancestors family tree gives it as 1671 but the handwritten notes as 1667 or 8. 
Simmons, John Jr. (I224)
62 (Research):Sarah is (2066) on Pane-Joyce web page. Royce, Sarah (I200)
63 (Research):Some confusion about Maud's middle name. LFM and RWM said it was Eleanor, but Kenneth Martin's baptismal certificate named her Maud Estella. Martin, Maud Estella (I83)
64 (Research):Spelling from US Census. Lee, Thaddeus C. (I402)
65 (Research):Stiles "History of Ancient Wethersfield mentions Samuel and Phebe many times. These pages are saved as Wethersfield*.jpg It states that they had a child Samuel, says no more about him. It does give some detail on his siblings. Martin, Lt. Samuel (I35)
66 (Research):The following from:
Ancestry.com. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, 17 Vols. [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 1998. Original data: Secretary of the Commonwealth. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution. Vol. I-XVII. Boston, MA, USA: Wright and Potter Printing Co., 1896.
Volume 1, page 498
Baker, Samuel.Private, Capt. Daniel Brown's co., Col. Benjamin Simonds's regt.; marched on an alarm at Berkshire Oct. 13, 1780; service, 6 days; also, pay roll for 2 days service; marched on an alarm at Berkshire Oct. 27, 1780. 
Baker, Samuel (I531)
67 (Research):The only source for Charles Lee is the anonymous Simmons family record found in the family papers. (SimmonsFamilyRecord.pdf). Simmons, Charles Lee (I477)
68 (Research):The Simmons family bible gives her death date as 24 Aug 1835, but the Simmons handwritten notes give it as 24 Jul 1835. The order of the entries in the bible suggests that Silence's death was entered after 1910.

Found record of Silence and Constant Simmons burial in the on-line index to the cemetery through the Ontario Co, NY geneology website.
Soper, Silence (I163)
69 (Research):The will of Peter Kniesker of Carlisle, New York mentions daughter Elisabeth Ottman. Knieskern, Peter (I635)
70 (Research):Two paragraphs from http://www.aritek.com/hartgen/htm/austin.htm#name6744

Annis - "Annis (Austin) Littlefield age 38 and 6 children sailed on the Bevis of So. Hampton for New England in May 1638 at the same time Richard Austin of Bishopstoke, Hants and his family sailed. With her came John Knight, carpenter and Heugh Deudal, servants." (from Austin Families Assn of America (AFAOA) ) (Sources: - 1) (Sources: - 2)

Annis - "Joseph had a sister Annis who mar. Edmund Littlefield, who came to New England in 1638. Francis of Dedham and Matthew of Maine are thought by some authorities to be brothers of Joseph. It is thought by some that Richard of Charlestown might have been another brother but proof is lacking. ( Moore, Edith Austin A Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Austin of Kingstown, Rhode Island. 1951. pg. 10.) 
Austin, Annis (I276)
71 (Research):Verify surname. Ingalls, Norma D. (I88)
72 (Research):Was Enfield male or female? Mary Shaw Green has Enfield married to Stephen Baker. However, other people seem to think Enfield was male.

Enfield appears as Infield Greene in the Vital Record of Rhode Island, This record does not give sex.
Greene, Enfield (Infield) (I384)
73 (Research):Was this John's father Moses Simmons? Ruth Stebbins didn't know. In "JohnSimmonsFatherNotes.pdf" she discussed the confusion around the parentage of the John Simmons who married Hannah Hathaway. Simmons, John Sr (I225)
74 1803 -- he was a member of a Republican committee to support John Tayler as a candidate for the New York State Senate from the eastern district.
1804 -- he was a member of a Republican committee to support Morgan Lewis as Governor and John Broome as Lt. Governor.
1824 -- he chaired a meeting of the Republicans of Halfmoon and Waterford concerning the legislature's actions (or inaction) on a law for selecting members of the Electoral College for the upcoming presidential election. Newspaper article about this meeting (pdf) 
Morse, Peter Jr. (I417)
75 1820 Census images are extremely hard to read and indexing is poor, but names were grouped by first letter of last name, and Solomon Knap and David Knap were found by manual searching.  Knapp, David (I1581)
76 1820 Census images are extremely hard to read and indexing is poor, but names were grouped by first letter of last name, and Solomon Knap and David Knap were found by manual searching.  Knapp, Solomon (I557)
77 1870 US Census
Living with her mother.  
Keeler, Clara M. (I1550)
78 1870 US Census showed Thomas Tanner (age 71), living with Betsy Tanner (age 54), Dinsmore Morgan (22), Mahala Morgan (26), Hattie Morgan (2/12) and John Tanner (69). John was undoubtedly Thomas' nephew (I128) who m. Catherine Willse (see notes on his page).
Living in the next household listed on the next census page was Thomas' son James E. Tanner (age 32, b New York), Ann Tanner (24), Vernie A (3), Clifford R. (1).
In the 1860 US Census (Leon, Monroe, Wisconsin) Thomas Tanner was living with Betsy, James and Mahala. John was not there. 
Tanner, Thomas (I433)
79 Acknowledgements: I thank Frank Martin and Mary Lou Finn for their contributions to my knowledge of the early generations of the Martin and Green Families. I have had very interesting e-mail discussion with each of them. Frank pointed me to information on Rensselaerville and provided documents on Samuel's land in Ontario. Frank also provided information on Silas Martin, as did Mary Lou.  Martin, Samuel (I27)
80 Note on Stephentown, Petersburgh and Little Hoesack
Before 1784 -- Most of what is now Rensselaer County was the East Manor of Rensselaerwyck, and the vast majority of the land belonged to the Van Rensselaer family. It was part of Albany County.
1784 -- The East Manor was divided into two parts; the eastern part, bordering on Massachusetts, became the Division of Stephen Town, and the western part, bordering on the Hudson River, became the Division of Rensselaerwyck.
1788 -- The Town of Stephentown was established. Parts of Stephentown were included in Petersburgh (1791), Berlin (1806) and Nassau (1806) when they were formed.
1791 -- The Town of Petersburgh was established. Parts of Peterburgh were included in the towns of Berlin, Nassau and Grafton (1807) when they were formed.
1791 -- Rensselaer County was formed from Albany County on 7 Feb 1791.

Little Hoesack may refer to a settlement along the Little Hoosick River or to the river itself, as settlers lived throughout the Little Hoosick Valley. The Little Hoosick flows north through the Towns of Berlin, Petersburgh, and Hoosick in Rensselaer County. The Little Hoosick River appears on the 1767 map near the eastern border of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck by Jno. R. Bleeker. That map also shows how few people lived there at that time.  
Tanner, Nathan (I132)
81 Research: The problem of Samuel's ancestors.

The only record I know for Samuel's birth year is his grave monument, which gives his date and age at death (73 years).

It is possible Samuel was born or raised in Lanesboro, Massachusetts. Samuel's wife's family (the Greenes) lived in Lanesboro and probably neighboring Cheshire after it was formed, and Silence's sister Huldah married Samuel Baker in Lanesboro. (See the History of town of Lanesborough, Massachusetts, 1741-1905 [Book on Ancestry.com]) Five of the Greene siblings (Levi, Rowland, Huldah, Silence and Mary) and their families moved to Rensselaerville, New York; all were in the 1790 US Census for Rensselaerville.

Our Samuel did live in Massachusetts, as his son Silas was born there circa 1783 [See Silas Martin (I533).]

One candidate to be our Samuel's father is Captain Samuel Martin, the second settler of Lanesborough. Capt. Samuel Martin is the same person as the Samuel Martin (b 1722; I29 on this site) of Cothren's History of Ancient Woodbury, who married Ann Hurd and was the father of a Samuel Martin bapt. 1758. However, there is no documentary evidence connecting our Samuel to Capt. Samuel.

There was a Samuel Martin of Lanesborough who was in the Revolutionary War. The record of this Samuel Martin in All Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, 17 Vols. (Appendix IX) reads "Martin, Samuel, Lanesborough. Receipt dated Lauesborough, April 23, 1781, for bounty paid said Martin by Gideon Wheler, on behalf of the town of Lanesborough, to serve in the Continental Army for the term of 3 years; also, descriptive list dated Lenox, Aug. 20, 1781, of men raised in Berkshire Co., agreeable to resolve of Dec. 2, 1780, and delivered to William Walker, Superintendent for said county; Capt. Brown's co., Col. Simonds's regt.; age, 28 yrs. [i.e. b. 1753]; stature, 5 ft. 7 in.; complexion, freckled; hair, sandy; occupation, laborer; residence, Lanesborough; enlisted for town of Lanesborough; enlistment, 3 years; receipted for by Capt. Smith." Thus, the soldier Samuel Martin would be too old to be our Samuel, if the record in Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors and on our Samuel's grave monument are both correct. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors listed seven Samuel Martins as Revolutionary War Soldiers.
Martin, Samuel (I27)
82 Who were David Benjamin Knapp's parents?
There is no birth record for David Benjamin Knapp. I have included David Benjamin as a child of Solomon Knapp, because he had a relationship to Solomon and Sarah, although it is unclear what that relationship was.

A. A. Knapp's Nicholas Knapp Genealogy says that Solomon's brother David (G-428, p. 274) and his wife Abiah Hall had a son David (no birth date) who married Hannah Osborne about 1840. However, the evidence is not consistent with this relationship, as David Benjamin was not named in David's (G-428) will and there was no male child of the correct age in David's(G-428) household in either the 1820 or 1830 US Censuses for Mayfield.

In contrast, David Knapp and Axey Holbrook of Wisconsin were named among the heirs and next of kin in Solomon Knapp's probate papers, although neither was mentioned in Solomon's will itself. (Achsa Holbrook, who was the daughter of Sarah Knapp Holbrook, lived with David Benjamin and Hannah Osborn Knapp for many years in Rockland, Manitowoc, Wisconsin.) Also, the 1820 and 1830 US Censuses show that Solomon Knapp's household included a male child of the correct age to be David Benjamin. The 1830 census also lists Isaac Orsborn, David B.'s future father-in-law, just three households away from Solomon, and property records confirm that Solomon and Isaac were neighbors. After he was married, David B. Knapp owned land in the same lots in Mayfield where Solomon owned land, and at least one of those parcels (in lot 229) appears to have been owned previously by Solomon.

The fact that David Benjamin was not mentioned in Solomon’s will per se suggests that he was not Solomon’s son. This idea is supported by the obituary of Solomon’s daughter Harriet, which says that she was “the youngest of a family of seven” [children], which is the number of children named by Solomon in his will. It is possible that David Benjamin was Solomon’s grandson or that he was adopted, by Solomon and Sarah.

A. A. Knapp's book and its supplement say that Solomon had a son David, born 1793, who married Amy (or Hannah or Ruth) Holbrook and had a son (Douw?). If true, this David could have been David Benjamin's father, and Solomon could have been David B.'s grandfather. I have found no evidence of a David and Amy (or Ruth). There was an unrelated David Knapp and wife Hannah living in Johnston, Fulton, New York in 1850 - 1870. Their Massachusetts origin separates them from Solomon and his siblings who came from what is now Rockland County, New York. 
Knapp, David Benjamin (I305)
83 Memorial of the Walkers says that Philip was shown to be the son of Widow Walker by an entry in the Proprietors' Records of Rehoboth. Philip's description of his lands included a parcel described as "half a hundred [acres] that was my mother's". The Widow Walker was the only person in Rehoboth who could have been his mother. Memorial of the Walkers also asserted that James (I2738) was also Widow Walker's son, mainly because James Walker and Samuel Walker presented the inventory of Philip's estate at probate. However, recent scholarship suggests that James was not the Widow Walker's son for two reasons: (1) James' uncle John Brown mentioned James and his sister Sarah in his will but did not mention Philip, as would be expected if Philip was a brother of James and Sarah. (2) Philip's wife was Jane Walker and it is possible that it was a clerical error that made James Walker and not Jane Walker present Philip's inventory at probate. Thus, I have not included James and Sarah as Widow Walker's children.  Family: Walker / .. Widow Walker (F914)
84 Thanks to Cathy Kuhl who provided much information on Jesse and his children. Keeler, Jesse (I1496)
85 Calkins Family of America says David (Daniel). Calkins, David (I1197)
86 a bowyer (bow maker) Goatley, Edmund (I2627)
87 A farmer and cabinet maker. Ottman, John Madison (I169)
88 A grandchild of Peter Morse who separately received a payment from Martin Stover for a share of Peter's farm. Morse, Almira Keziah (I1387)
89 A grandchild of Peter Morse who, with her husband James M. Simonds, separately received a payment from Martin Stover for a share of Peter's farm. Morse, Hannah (I1386)
90 A granddaughter of Peter Morse who, with her husband William Turner, separately received a payment from Martin Stover for a share of Peter's farm. Morse, Kesiah (I1357)
91 A great granddaughter of Peter Morse who, with her husband Alfred Smith, separately received a payment from Martin Stover for a share of Peter's farm. Greenfield, Silany (I1398)
92 A note from Frank Martin (a descendant) said: I have a note from our Martin family Bible which records that "Silas Martin departed this life 22 February, 1858 aged 75" (Sterling, Whiteside Co., Illinois).  Martin, Silas (I533)
93 A reasonable and commonly used birth year, but undocumented. Jeanes (Janes), William (I2272)
94 A receipt dated 11 Nov 1774 in Paul (1st) Phelps' probate papers on ancestry.com was signed by Jerusha Paterson and Joseph Paterson. Phelps and Servin say that the probate papers include a document dated 7 Apr 1769 that refers to Jerusha and Joseph Palmer. Thus, Jerusha may have married twice. However, the Palmer document is not among the Paul's probate papers on ancestry.com.  Family: Paterson, Joseph / Phelps, Jerusha (F794)
95 A record of the births in the Greene family is given in the following, which is a transcription of a copy of a note written by Sarah Mallory Baker, who had copied the original record. In her note Sarah Baker states explicitly that Huldah was the daughter of Elder Timothy Greene. Sarah personally knew Huldah. Mrs. Percy Barker copied Sarah's note and sent it to Maud Martin Latham via Eva Sowden in 1956. My comments in [ ]. Sarah's note said:

"Elder Timothy Green & Silence Rowland marriage September y 21 day 1751 old stile, also their death old stile
Timothy Green born June y 14 day 1725 week 2 day between 12 & 1 in the afternoon Silence Green born July ye 17 Day 1729 week y 5 Day old stile [i.e. Silence Rowland Burlingame]

[Burlingame written in the margin and tied to Roulen, who was her son by her first marriage.]

Roulen her first born March y 1 Day 1749 week 4 day between 9 & 10 at night - 3

Peleg Green born ye April 15 Day 1752 week ye 4 day between 6 & 7 in the afternoon

Enfield born May ye 15 Day 1754 weeks & Days half after 3 Monde morning

Huldah born ye December 20 Day 1757 3 week 2 days 9 at night

Levi born ye 6 d 1759 week 3 days between 2 & 3 in the afternoon - 3

Mary born May ye 5 Day 1760 week y 2 day 3 in the morning
[she was called Molly written in the left margin]

Silence born April 14th day 1762 ye 4 Day ye 9 at night

Rowland born April 2 Day 1766 week 7 day half After 10 in the morning

Elderlatte [Elizabeth] the first-born May ye 9 Day 1768 week 1 Day Dyed September 5 1769

Elisabath the second born March ye 25 1771 - weeks the 4 Day 4 in the morning.

This is a true copy from an old record as exact as I could possibly make it - I have endeavored to preserve the quaint old manner of the orthography of a hundred and twenty years ago.

For Thomas Horner and the posterity of my Dear Mother-in-law Mrs Huldah Baker. who was daughter of Elder Timothy Green and Grandmother to the children of Mrs Olive Horner of Burford, W.C.

Aunt Sarah Baker
Batavia, April 14, 1853"

[The "-3" at the end of some lines may have been flourishes and may have no meaning.] 
Family: Greene, Elder Timothy / Rowland (Rouland) Burlingame, Silence (F151)
96 A Reuben Martin played in a baseball-like game on 4 Jun 1838 between Beachville and the Zorras, a team from the nearby township of Zorra and North Oxford. This probably was our Reuben. Most of the players are said to have been 15 - 24 years old, but the ages of several are unknown and one was called 'Old Ned' Dolson. Our Reuben would have been about 36, clearly not too old to enjoy a game.  Martin, Reuben (I543)
97 A tanner. Osborne, Jeremy (I1719)
98 A tanner. Osborne, John (I1729)
99 A twin. Orsborn (Osborne) (I1674)
100 A twin. Orsborn (Osborne) (I1675)

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