Histories of the Martin, Wilson, Bloom, & Ahola Families

Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom


Tree: Martin-Bloom

City/Town : Latitude: 51.1464659, Longitude: 0.8750190000000657


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goatley, Julian  Aft 1543Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2635 Martin-Bloom 
2 Goatley, Peter  By 1578Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2614 Martin-Bloom 
3 Goatley, Reynold  Aft 1549Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2633 Martin-Bloom 
4 Goatley, Susan  Aft 1543Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2634 Martin-Bloom 
5 Hall, Susan  Bef 10 Sep 1575Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2624 Martin-Bloom 
6 Osborn, John  Abt 1631Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1692 Martin-Bloom 
7 Osborne, Edward  Abt 1565Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1728 Martin-Bloom 
8 Osborne, John  Abt 1568Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1729 Martin-Bloom 
9 Osborne, Joseph  Abt 1593Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1721 Martin-Bloom 
10 Osborne, Richard  Abt 1598Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1722 Martin-Bloom 
11 Osborne, Thomas  Abt 1594Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1702 Martin-Bloom 
12 Osborne, Thomas  Abt 1630Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1745 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goatley, Elizabeth  24 Aug 1606Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2617 Martin-Bloom 
2 Goatley, John  24 Aug 1608Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2618 Martin-Bloom 
3 Goatley, Mary  25 Nov 1604Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1703 Martin-Bloom 
4 Goatley, Peter  28 Aug 1614Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2620 Martin-Bloom 
5 Goatley, Sarah  29 Jul 1610Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2619 Martin-Bloom 
6 Hall, Elizabeth  20 Sep 1577Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2647 Martin-Bloom 
7 Osborne, Ann  13 Jan 1599/1600Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1741 Martin-Bloom 
8 Osborne, Anna  19 Sep 1563Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1727 Martin-Bloom 
9 Osborne, Anna  3 Aug 1628Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1744 Martin-Bloom 
10 Osborne, Elizabeth  4 Jul 1602Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1734 Martin-Bloom 
11 Osborne, Elizabeth  20 May 1632Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1746 Martin-Bloom 
12 Osborne, Isaac  31 Mar 1639Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1749 Martin-Bloom 
13 Osborne, Isaac  13 Sep 1640Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1750 Martin-Bloom 
14 Osborne, Jeremiah (Jeremy)  20 Mar 1624/5Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1705 Martin-Bloom 
15 Osborne, Jeremy  4 Feb 1570/1Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1719 Martin-Bloom 
16 Osborne, Jeremy  3 Dec 1626Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1743 Martin-Bloom 
17 Osborne, Joseph  2 Mar 1633/4Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1747 Martin-Bloom 
18 Osborne, Mary  13 Mar 1635/6Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1748 Martin-Bloom 
19 Osborne, Thomas  4 Apr 1595Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1740 Martin-Bloom 
20 Osborne, Thomas Jr.  20 Mar 1622Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1704 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alice  10 Sep 1575Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2637 Martin-Bloom 
2 Wilmeth  2 Jan 1596/7Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1726 Martin-Bloom 
3 Goatley, Edmund  Bef 28 Feb 1563/4Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2627 Martin-Bloom 
4 Goatley, Elizabeth  11 Jul 1602Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1732 Martin-Bloom 
5 Goatley, Elizabeth  21 May 1613Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2617 Martin-Bloom 
6 Goatley, Peter  4 Jan 1613/4Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2614 Martin-Bloom 
7 Goatley, Robert  13 Jul 1611Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2623 Martin-Bloom 
8 Goodale, Alice  10 Oct 1577Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2625 Martin-Bloom 
9 Hall, Robert the younger  20 Aug 1584Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2639 Martin-Bloom 
10 Hall, Robert the elder  19 Jul 1588Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2636 Martin-Bloom 
11 Hall, Susan  31 Jan 1619/20Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2624 Martin-Bloom 
12 Hall, Thomas  6 Nov 1620Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2616 Martin-Bloom 
13 Mellis, Elizabeth  8 Feb 1599/1600Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1730 Martin-Bloom 
14 Osborne, Edward  5 Nov 1603Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1733 Martin-Bloom 
15 Osborne, Edward  10 Apr 1623Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1728 Martin-Bloom 
16 Osborne, Isaac  7 Oct 1639Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1749 Martin-Bloom 
17 Osborne, Jeremy  8 Feb 1620/1Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1719 Martin-Bloom 
18 Osborne, John  28 Jul 1603Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1729 Martin-Bloom 
19 Osborne, Thomas  12 Oct 1611Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1725 Martin-Bloom 
20 Smyth, Mary  12 Aug 1628Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2615 Martin-Bloom 
21 Terry, John  23 Mar 1616/7Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2645 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Osborne, Thomas  Bef 1637Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1702 Martin-Bloom 
2 Osborne, Thomas Jr.  Bef 1637Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1704 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goatley, Edmund  1563Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2627 Martin-Bloom 
2 Goatley, Robert  5 Apr 1608Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2623 Martin-Bloom 
3 Hall, Robert the younger  17 Aug 1584Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2639 Martin-Bloom 
4 Hall, Susan  1 Oct 1619Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2624 Martin-Bloom 
5 Hall, Thomas  15 Jul 1617Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I2616 Martin-Bloom 
6 Osborne, Jeremy  3 Sep 1620Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1719 Martin-Bloom 
7 Osborne, John  20 Jul 1603Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1729 Martin-Bloom 
8 Osborne, Thomas  27 Feb 1606/7Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom I1725 Martin-Bloom 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Broome / Goatley  2 Aug 1630Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F877 Martin-Bloom 
2 Goatley / Hall  By say 1572Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F878 Martin-Bloom 
3 Goatley / Peers  7 Dec 1631Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F876 Martin-Bloom 
4 Goatley / Smyth  28 Dec 1603Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F874 Martin-Bloom 
5 Hall / (__) Bankes  17 Jul 1580Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F884 Martin-Bloom 
6 Hall / Goodale  7 May 1576Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F883 Martin-Bloom 
7 Hall / Harrison  20 Nov 1575Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F881 Martin-Bloom 
8 Hall / Smyth  15 Jul 1617Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F875 Martin-Bloom 
9 Osborne / Goatley  3 Mar 1589/90Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F611 Martin-Bloom 
10 Osborne / Goatley  18 Nov 1621Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F600 Martin-Bloom 
11 Osborne / Hatch  30 Jul 1622Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F615 Martin-Bloom 
12 Osborne / Mellis  2 Oct 1597Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F616 Martin-Bloom 
13 Osborne / Wyborne  17 Jan 1592/3Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F607 Martin-Bloom 
14 Terry / Hall  19 Jan 1611/12Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom F882 Martin-Bloom