Histories of the Martin, Wilson, Bloom, & Ahola Families

Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts


Tree: Martin-Bloom

City/Town : Latitude: 42.6791832, Longitude: -70.84115580000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Foster, Asa  15 Jan 1710/11Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2421 Martin-Bloom 
2 Foster, Benjamin  Jun 1665Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2405 Martin-Bloom 
3 Foster, Daniel  14 Nov 1670Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I1155 Martin-Bloom 
4 Foster, Hannah  24 Oct 1676Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2410 Martin-Bloom 
5 Foster, Hannah  29 Apr 1705Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2418 Martin-Bloom 
6 Foster, Hepsibah  7 May 1700Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2415 Martin-Bloom 
7 Foster, Jacob  9 Feb 1662/3Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2393 Martin-Bloom 
8 Foster, Jeremiah  16 Jun 1707Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2419 Martin-Bloom 
9 Foster, Jonathan  9 Jan 1658/9Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2403 Martin-Bloom 
10 Foster, Katherine (Catherine)  21 Aug 1696Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I1148 Martin-Bloom 
11 Foster, Martha  1 Aug 1672Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2407 Martin-Bloom 
12 Foster, Mary  26 Jun 1669Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2406 Martin-Bloom 
13 Foster, Mary  24 Feb 1697Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2414 Martin-Bloom 
14 Foster, Mehitable  19 Sep 1660Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2404 Martin-Bloom 
15 Foster, Mehitable  16 Oct 1701Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2416 Martin-Bloom 
16 Foster, Phineas  19 Jul 1703Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2417 Martin-Bloom 
17 Foster, Prudence  23 May 1675Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2409 Martin-Bloom 
18 Foster, Ruth  20 Feb 1673/4Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2408 Martin-Bloom 
19 Starkweather, John  16 Sep 1680Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2029 Martin-Bloom 
20 Starkweather, Lydia  Abt 1693Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2032 Martin-Bloom 
21 Starkweather, Mary  Abt 1789Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I1991 Martin-Bloom 
22 Starkweather, Richard  25 Dec 1786Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2031 Martin-Bloom 
23 Starkweather, Robert  12 Nov 1784Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2030 Martin-Bloom 
24 Starkweather, Thomas  Abt 1677Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2027 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Judith  Oct 1664Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2396 Martin-Bloom 
2 Foster, Benjamin  1700Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2405 Martin-Bloom 
3 Foster, Isaac (Isaack)  8 Feb 1691Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2391 Martin-Bloom 
4 Foster, Jonathan  15 May 1661Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2403 Martin-Bloom 
5 Foster, Mary  23 Jan 1698/9Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2414 Martin-Bloom 
6 Foster, Mehitable  Feb 1660/1Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2404 Martin-Bloom 
7 Freese, Katherine  3 Mar 1694/5Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2413 Martin-Bloom 
8 Jackson, Mary  27 Nov 1677Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2392 Martin-Bloom 
9 ______, Martin, Sarah  22 Feb 1682/3Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2425 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Foster, Isaac (Isaack)  1638Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2391 Martin-Bloom 
2 Foster (Forster), Reginald  1638Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2395 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Foster, Isaac (Isaack)  Abt 1691Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2391 Martin-Bloom 
2 Foster (Forster), Reginald  30 Apr 1680Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts I2395 Martin-Bloom 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Foster / Downing (Downeing)  25 Nov 1678Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts F843 Martin-Bloom 
2 Foster (Forster) / ______, Martin  Sep 1665Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts F842 Martin-Bloom