Histories of the Martin, Wilson, Bloom, & Ahola Families

Lebanon, New London, Connecticut


Tree: Martin-Bloom

City/Town : Latitude: 41.636391, Longitude: -72.21272549999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bissell, Sarah  13 Oct 1734Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I69 Martin-Bloom 
2 Calkins, Abigail  9 Sep 1751Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1145 Martin-Bloom 
3 Calkins, Ebenezer  30 Jul 1765Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2240 Martin-Bloom 
4 Calkins, Eleazer  5 May 1769Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2242 Martin-Bloom 
5 Calkins, Elijah  3 Feb 1727/8Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2606 Martin-Bloom 
6 Calkins, Emelia  1 Dec 1755Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2239 Martin-Bloom 
7 Calkins, Hannah  17 Apr 1767Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2241 Martin-Bloom 
8 Calkins, John  19 Nov 1699Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I197 Martin-Bloom 
9 Calkins, John  23 Mar 1722/3Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2604 Martin-Bloom 
10 Calkins, Joseph  5 Feb 1743/4Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2610 Martin-Bloom 
11 Calkins, Mary  5 Feb 1743/4Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2611 Martin-Bloom 
12 Calkins, Nathaniel Skiffe  30 Sep 1753Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1202 Martin-Bloom 
13 Calkins, Sarah  10 Aug 1725Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2605 Martin-Bloom 
14 Calkins, Simeon  18 Dec 1730Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2607 Martin-Bloom 
15 Calkins, Simeon  17 Aug 1744Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1141 Martin-Bloom 
16 Calkins, Simon  9 Mar 1737/8Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2608 Martin-Bloom 
17 Calkins, Solomon  4 Apr 1724Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1139 Martin-Bloom 
18 Calkins, William  19 Sep 1740Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2609 Martin-Bloom 
19 Calkins, Zerviah  4 Oct 1735Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I192 Martin-Bloom 
20 Calkins, Zerviah  18 Oct 1748Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1138 Martin-Bloom 
21 Clark, Mary  13 Mar 1738Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I605 Martin-Bloom 
22 Dewey, Ann  21 Jan 1730/1Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1977 Martin-Bloom 
23 Dewey, Elijah  26 Jun 1728Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1976 Martin-Bloom 
24 Dewey, Hannah  14 May 1723Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1974 Martin-Bloom 
25 Dewey, Mercy  1 Apr 1714Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1970 Martin-Bloom 
26 Dewey, Simeon  1 May 1718Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1973 Martin-Bloom 
27 Dewey, William  1 Mar 1716Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1971 Martin-Bloom 
28 Dewey, William  1 May 1718Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1972 Martin-Bloom 
29 Dewey, Zerviah  28 Jan 1726Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1975 Martin-Bloom 
30 Gardner, Mary  1727Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1143 Martin-Bloom 
31 Huntington, Sarah  22 Oct 1701Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I198 Martin-Bloom 
32 Hyde, Benjamin  1 Mar 1756Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2325 Martin-Bloom 
33 Hyde, Ebenezer  25 Nov 1753Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2461 Martin-Bloom 
34 Hyde, Eliphalet 2nd  9 May 1744Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2459 Martin-Bloom 
35 Hyde, Melinda  6 Jul 1786Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I597 Martin-Bloom 
36 Hyde, Moses  11 Sep 1751Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2460 Martin-Bloom 
37 Hyde, Ruth 2nd  5 May 1746Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2462 Martin-Bloom 
38 Hyde, Sarah  Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2328 Martin-Bloom 
39 Hyde, Zerviah Fitch  24 May 1758Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2326 Martin-Bloom 
40 Hyde (Hide), Elijah Clark  19 Jun 1758Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2434 Martin-Bloom 
41 Hyde (Hide), Esther  20 Jun 1760Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I606 Martin-Bloom 
42 Hyde (Hide), Esther  8 Jun 1764Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2436 Martin-Bloom 
43 Hyde (Hide), Gershom  30 Jun 1768Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2438 Martin-Bloom 
44 Hyde (Hide), Lucy  25 Dec 1771Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2440 Martin-Bloom 
45 Hyde (Hide), Melinda  10 Mar 1766Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2437 Martin-Bloom 
46 Hyde (Hide), Olive  22 Feb 1774Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2441 Martin-Bloom 
47 Hyde (Hide), Oliver  22 Feb 1774Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2442 Martin-Bloom 
48 Hyde (Hide), Rhoda  23 Mar 1770Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2439 Martin-Bloom 
49 Hyde (Hide), Zabdiel  4 Jun 1762Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2435 Martin-Bloom 
50 Phelps, Anna  1 Sep 1768Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1222 Martin-Bloom 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bissell, Sarah  4 Oct 1758Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I69 Martin-Bloom 
2 Calkins, Simeon  4 Apr 1735Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2607 Martin-Bloom 
3 Calkins, Solomon  13 Apr 1802Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1139 Martin-Bloom 
4 Dewey, William  5 Sep 1717Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1971 Martin-Bloom 
5 Dewey, William  23 May 1718Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1972 Martin-Bloom 
6 Dewey, Zerviah  29 Nov 1749Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1975 Martin-Bloom 
7 Dresser, Mary  24 Jan 1742/3Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1156 Martin-Bloom 
8 Gardner, Mary  16 May 1743Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1143 Martin-Bloom 
9 Hyde, Bezaleel (Bazaleel)  4 Apr 1800Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2329 Martin-Bloom 
10 Hyde, Fanny  2 Dec 1781Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I596 Martin-Bloom 
11 Hyde, Melinda  17 Oct 1787Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I597 Martin-Bloom 
12 Hyde (Hide), Maj Elijah  31 Dec 1800Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I604 Martin-Bloom 
13 Hyde (Hide), Esther  3 Jun 1762Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I606 Martin-Bloom 
14 Hyde (Hide), Oliver  22 Feb 1775Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2442 Martin-Bloom 
15 Hyde (Hide), Samuel  6 Nov 1742Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I73 Martin-Bloom 
16 Janes, Abel  18 Dec 1718Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2270 Martin-Bloom 
17 Janes, Elizabeth (Elisabeth)  10 Apr 1757Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1235 Martin-Bloom 
18 Lyman, Hepzibah  4 Jun 1732Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2377 Martin-Bloom 
19 Phelps, Jedediah  13 Feb 1752Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1234 Martin-Bloom 
20 Porter, Mehitable  10 Apr 1791Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2342 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID   Tree 
1 Foster, Daniel  23 Oct 1720Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1155 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Relocation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dewey, Josiah  Abt 1695Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2373 Martin-Bloom 
2 Foster, Daniel  1720Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I1155 Martin-Bloom 
3 Janes, Abel  Prob 1706Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2270 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hyde, Daniel  8 Jan 1795Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I37 Martin-Bloom 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hyde (Hide), Maj Elijah  1801Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I604 Martin-Bloom 
2 Janes, Abel  16 Sep 1718Lebanon, New London, Connecticut I2270 Martin-Bloom 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Calkins / Dewey  16 Jun 1744Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F412 Martin-Bloom 
2 Calkins / Foster  5 Nov 1719Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F416 Martin-Bloom 
3 Calkins / Gardner  3 Nov 1742Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F413 Martin-Bloom 
4 Calkins / Huntington  9 Apr 1721Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F78 Martin-Bloom 
5 Calkins / Skiff  22 Jun 1750Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F414 Martin-Bloom 
6 Dewey / Saxton Bailey   2 Jul 1713Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F77 Martin-Bloom 
7 Fitch / Hyde  28 Dec 1738Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F818 Martin-Bloom 
8 Foster / Hills  1 May 1735Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F840 Martin-Bloom 
9 Foster / White  4 Feb 1745Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F841 Martin-Bloom 
10 Hunt / Janes  18 Jun 1730Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F804 Martin-Bloom 
11 Hyde / Bissell  13 Oct 1754Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F21 Martin-Bloom 
12 Hyde / Dana  6 Dec 1787Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F846 Martin-Bloom 
13 Hyde / Porter  13 Jan 1743Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F819 Martin-Bloom 
14 Hyde / Wattles  3 Mar 1717/18Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F23 Martin-Bloom 
15 Hyde (Hide) / Clark  24 Feb 1757Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F226 Martin-Bloom 
16 Janes / Loomis  5 Jun 1712Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F803 Martin-Bloom 
17 Johnson / Janes  1 Oct 1730Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F805 Martin-Bloom 
18 Phelps / Dewey  11 Dec 1740Lebanon, New London, Connecticut F76 Martin-Bloom