Histories of the Martin, Wilson, Bloom, & Ahola Families


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Northland Song
A poem by Elsa Ahola Bloom

Once more to see the sun in splendor rise,
Beginning its stately trek across the skies.

Once more to see a mist rise o'er the lake at dawn;
Once more to hear a hermit thrush's song.

O just to see the restless waves caress the shore
Or here again a wild storm's pounding roar.

To see the tanager's flashing scarlet wings,
Or hear a cricket as it sharply, shrilly sings.

To roam the paths I once so fondly trod
Then, only then, would I feel close to God.

There in His natural temples, shadowed from the sun,
Where, wild and free, the forest creatures run.

Midst towering pines and laughing poples gay
With a full heart I'd view my world and pray,

Give thanks to Him, who in the world of strife,
Still leaves for me a haven, where my life

May yet pursue a calm, untrammeled way.
With joyous heart to hail the newborn day;

There in the northern land I love so well;
There. where my heart needs must forever dwell.

Linked toAhola, Elsa Sylvia

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