Histories of the Martin, Wilson, Bloom, & Ahola Families


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Klondike Gold Rush -- Boats and Camp

On 31 May 1898 J.K. Martin described the difficult trip though the rapids at the end of Lindeman Lake:
" Monday morning we loaded our boats and arrived at the canyon at noon, and hired our outfit, all but a ton, hauled, (Those are the boys that make the money – ten dollars a ton for 3\4-mile haul and just all they can do) which we were going to have put through in the boats, as the pilot said he would line them through if we would put a thousand pounds in each boat so that it would pay him to take time, and we thought it would be best to do that and not take chances on smashing on [sic] boat by shooting the rapids, but the “bugger” came around this morning and said he could shoot the rapids all right with it and asked me to go down with him and help hold it off the rocks, and show him where our goods were, so as to land.

Well, we made the start alright, but only got about two-thirds of the way through when we run the bow smash into the solid rock bank, which set us spinning , and we brought up a little further down on some rock, knocking the back corner out of it, and we had a great hustle to get out goods ashore. The boat sank right down and wet the goods in great shape, but luckily the water was only up to our hips, so we were able by the aid of a line to wade and carry our goods ashore. That happened at 6'clock this morning, and our boat is still there, badly wrecked, and it is now 8 p.m., but we expect to raise it yet this evening or early tomorrow morning. It’s most too dangerous a place to work in while the boats are shooting by. "
Their second boat made it through undamaged. Soon after JKM wrote that he lost his Kodak.

Owner of originalD. L. Martin
Date24 Mar 2014
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